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Jam bands
Recently I went to a jam band concert out in Buffalo. I don't remember what day it was but if you ask me about it later I can tell you what day it was.
Earlier in the day I was drinking bottles of hobo wine, Mad dog 20/20, with my sister. I had gone through two bottles and gave a few calls out.  I got ahold of Pat and he was excited to hear from me. He informed me that he was going to some Jam Band concert out in Buffalo. Well I continued drinking so by the time we were well on our way and entering the concert I was pretty... well you could only imagine.
I had fun in the crowd for a little bit until I had to go to the bathroom. I made my way there. On the way out I decided to have a lay down in the grass near a light pole. I was awaken by some guy. He woke me saying "Hey man do you know of anything good going around?" Well I didn't know of anything that was going around I was just drunk and passing out. He must have thought I was high on something. Well I decided to relocate to a bench just a hundred feet or so away. I feel asleep again and was awaken by a similar question.  I stayed awake. I got a call and text message from several people. One was my dad who wanted to know what time I graduated. The other was Sean. Good friend. PA. He left me a rather nice message telling me to give him a call back about visiting. I have to get back to him. The other was Samantha. She left text messages and I tried calling back. I returned the calls to Sean and Samantha in one of the Port-o-potti's  because it wasn't so loud in there. I guess I had a rough entrance and exit because after I got out one of the lady security guards came up to me and tried to take me away to the Ambulence. I was obliged to go. She told me that I was unable to walk straight and that she was taking me to the Ambulence. I was telling her it was no big deal and that I was trying to answer my phone and all that jazz and it was too much to comprehend at that time but I still didn't mind accompanying her. She then told me I seem to be walking straight then so she was going to let me go. I remember her telling me twice that I seem to be walking perfectly normal. I wish I had money for beer or a hot dog. I can't buy beer. I'd settle for a hot dog. The rest of the night was somewhat loud and forgettable.
After the four of us reunited and made our way out we were walking down the street to the car. I was still drunk apparently. I don't remember looking for it but I found a card board box, it was like those chinese food boxes, from some restaurant. There was three salt potatoes and two or three steamed carrots in there and a piece of chicken with some sort of sauce. I think it was a starch sauce like on a country friend steak. Pat guessed it was chicken. He was right, I was surprised. I wish I had a fork then. I ate pretty much all of it. I hate carrots. I left them in the box and tossed it. I am not going to lie the carrots looked good though, but overall the meal was really good. My main regret was not trying to figure out where the food originated. I wish to go back there someday. Thank you nameless citizen for leaving their food (at a bus stop I think? whci makes sense because you can't bring food on the bus). You will be in my heart always.

absence makes the blog grow colder
Sunday we lost our connection to the net. Our ethernet card was apparently fried in the last storms we had that afternoon. Now I am using the USB port on the modem, but have no phone access till we switch out the ethernet card on my computer. I am just getting caught up from 3 days absence. It takes a lot to get through what a few hundred people can post on the internet in just a few days LOL. When I couldn't get back online I nearly needed some incontinence products because I still had work to turn in!

I have to go check on the mutt and officially sign the release forms for him to the kennel. I don't know when but I have to do it soon. The owner has been sick, so I have to wait till she is there to get the form.

I missed my psych appointment b/c I had no phone to call and check the appointment time. They called and left me a message AFTER I missed the appointment to reschedule. Friggin... *grumble*. The only reason I know is b/c I get all my messages emailed to me in mp3 form. Good thing I set that up a while back.

Went out last night with my friends!!! Still have to blog about that AND I have a really good Wordless Wednesday to post. That will be on later on in the afternoon.

I have restarted as I really have to get into some sort of feasible routine before my head explodes from the overwhelming clutter inside and out. It's not like my house is full of things, but my mind is and so I cannot see clearly to do anything in the house. Thankfully, the Man decided to help me out on his days off so I could get back on top of things and try to maintain them again. I think this time it will work.

So that's the long and short of it.

he's gone and other things
So I gave Coby back over to the kennel today. Not really feeling very good about it. Yay for not having any more sneezing husband walking around my house. Boo that I can't scare people with him anymore. Yay he can't tear up the house when we leave. Boo because I actually liked having him around when he wasn't being annoying. He was a good dog. Still looking for a place for him to live, though. The kennel is no real place for him to spend his days.

I just got a profile with linkedin. If anyone knows about it, it's not like business performance management software, more like a social network to get people to notice you professionally. I got my husband a linkedin account, but then I got invited. I don't see myself as a professional anything anymore. I used to say pro-blogger, but even that has lost its appeal. Even writing the word Leader before my name is hard for me to do. *sigh*

My heart is full. I know I made the right decision for us all with the dog situation, but it doesn't mean that I am not hurting. My son is okay so far.. he wants a puppy. I don't know that I am up for all that right now.

oh I know I jumped subjects. It's only because this is how my mind has been oscillating all day long. With the ministry commitment I have coming up (speaking of beign a leader), I don't see how I would have been able to properly deal with Coby anyway, let alone another dog. It's going to be interesting over the next few months, to say the least.

sosweet.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack 121906_14361.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack 100506_15331.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack Im000474bw.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack IM000075.JPG hosted for free by ImageShack

This is Taz. He is so sweet and no one knows how he got to be so sweet. I like to call him my papoose. Dont ask why. He likes to sleep in my bed when I go to see my parents, and yes he is a bed hog. He loves going on walks, eating people food, and playing with his squeeky elephant. He has a huge head and a fat neck, and a white patch on that fat neck, which I like to call his tuxedo. So formal, I know.. but he is very distinguished. His hobbies include sleeping, barking out the window, and running in circles through the kitchen, living room, and back again. His biggest fears are being alone, riding in the car, and the vacuum cleaner.

PS: Sorry some of these pics are horrible quality. They came from my phone, what more can you expect?

stupid dog!
How come every time that dog jumps on a bed he has to rip into the covers? My son's comforter was destroyed because of that dog. Now my sheets and my comforter are demolished due to his ridiculous need to tear through my house and turn around on the bed. I try to keep the doors closed, but sometimes he gets in anyway. I have to go on a hunt for decent looking queen sized comforter sets pretty soon. *sigh*

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