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Welcome to Dell Tech Support!

Recently Carol and I called Dell tech Support in light of her messing up her speakers on her Lap Top. In the middle of watching "Father Ted" she wanted to call up- rather than using the online service- to hear the voices. We expected a foreign (to us obviously) Indian voice to come on and say "Welcome to Dell Tech Support" but instead we got an American voice.

What was this? Our dreams of calling Dell Tech and hearing an antiquated Indian Voice was shattered. There was no explanation to this.

Answer? We heard they had voice training to make the callers feel more at home. But this was too good for voice training. Was this some elaborate trick? Has the Dell Tech Support service gotten better than their computers?(well not saying much for their computers). My only explanation for this was the use of artificial voice boxes that they hold up to their faces. Not unlike the ones bank robbers or other people of enterprise use to mask their voices. But instead of some esoteric halloween voice we got a genuine American sounding voice. These kind of things make you think about your life.


Not meant to harm anyone but mearly a viewing joke.


New Laptop!

I haven't blogged in a while, but this is newsworthy ... I got a new laptop!  I'm not much of a hardware person, but this is my first ever laptop purchase and it's pretty exciting.  I am usually one for function over fashion when it comes to electronics, so I went with a 14" screen that is fast, friendly, and has lots of room for my stuff, at a very affordable price.  Check out The Dell Inspiron E1405, now a member of the Ostrow family.




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