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Shekintari Form List
Aomi is a demon hell bent on learning things, so she has to take on different forms, abilities of those forms & the whole who what when where why how of them so she can travel many realms, worlds, and time.
The vast majority of these forms/stories  won't have anything to do with the "Main" story.

List of Aomi Armster's forms: some forms have various forms like a werewolf would have a wolf form etc, a vampire a bat, mermaid= fish other sea life, i won't list all of those but in general thats what I mean.

Aomi can also disembody and create a non sentient object like.. money,swords/weaponry-- of course these items are enchanted, they are made from demon essence! ;0

Aomi is a Shekintari, a shadow/shapeshifter demon (light is within)
default demon
human with many style outfits/peoples/cultures/time periods
half demon
feral demon
hind- gnu-faun (wildebeast/camel/cow/deer/goat)
robot/mecha/cyborg/transformer/machine-type stuff
outerspace alien/spacey futuristic aomi
A Genius Loci (plural, Genii Locorum)-- a living/sentient location/planet/town/etc
titan/colossus aomi
elemental aomi
military-ish aomi (various time eras/realms)

Calling out for a favor
Hey guys. I've got a really quick favor to ask of you. I've started an online Creative Writing class that uses Mindsay to teach (classes start next week). I've submitted this to the Mindsay News, but it doesn't look like they're picking it up.

Now I hate the "Nominate Me" posts as much as you guys do, but this is something I think could really benefit from a little publicity right now. So, if you could, would you please click on creativewriting and nominate the post I have there.

Of course, we'd be glad to have you sign up with us as well.


So you Wanna Write? Right?

Asked about my writing process, I responded with the following:

These items I’ve written are typically inspired… just sitting, thinking deeply, feeling deeply, trying to understand, and following the feeling into the paper taking shape by words… it’s quite mystical at times. I’m often astonished at what I’ve written after I’ve written. When you are doing this kind of writing, it comes from such a deep place that you are almost ignorant of the thoughts as they’re translated to paper.

Now on the above link, we’re dealing with a variety but I added it to draw your attention to articles that have been published in a local paper. In those cases, I was given an assignment. I’m not a journalistic type of writer necessarily in these cases. I do make inquiries, ask questions, try to understand people’s stories and write from a place of inspiration and feeling. I find that if I cannot achieve that emotional connection, the writing really falls flat.

The rituals of writing? I can’t really say. In the cases of the published articles, I wrote those directly on my computer, much like you might approach any homework assignment on a subject you enjoy. Often times I also find myself delaying writing about a specific assignment to let my subconscious stew in the topical thoughts, allowing that creative process time to show me something significant. It works for me and I usually end up writing something that people quite enjoy.

As for my creative writing, the inspirational and poetry, etc. I find myself carried up in a moment of inspired thought. The coolest is when I “notice” a particular thought or phrase strumming repeatedly in my head. Where it comes from I don’t know but that inspiration has yielded some beautiful results. I can be anywhere, in noise somedays, in silent solitude another time, or music blasting some of my favorite tunes… although usually I do prefer the quiet to listen for that quiet source inside. There is a mystical embodiment of some kind happening… much like seeing time slow as you focus fully into the present moment of existence.

I don’t always write everyday, although I do try to. Sometimes, little word games help offer up some creative writing on those days when my own life distractions drive me away from concentrating with pen and paper. And yes, I meant to say, with poetry I find myself scribbling with pen and paper and a more polished version is then typed up and that process actually finds the process polishing and editing the poem nicely for a final version or final draft.

With the inspirational writing, I’ve often written via my journalling with pen & paper. Since I began blogging, I have found inspiration occur online just as often as when I’m using pen & paper. Oddly, very little editing has been required of some of the more significant pieces such as Are We Awakening? and What To Do? Life's Big Question.

And this I believe: We are creative-beings capable of many great things. So don’t put yourself in a box and go ahead and endure the journey to discover the deepest emotions you have; to find greater levels of expression and to enhance your level of understanding of life’s experiences. Combining this with a lot of reading, you will find much inspiration and fodder to feed your creative writing spirit. Taking this journey will expose you to new opportunities of expression and you will have given yourself the freedom to allow that creativity to flow in a variety of ways, at a variety of times, on a whim, in complete pain and sorrow, or in complete ecstacy and joy.

Another quick example was when I was writing a story about a life event; a particularly painful life event. I happened to go out for dinner by myself and I was sitting there writing the story in the restaurant. The emotions welled up intensely and I regretted taking up the challenge in such a public place. I could have used a good cry during that writing. And this relates to a question about writing a novel - for example - do it in order or not?

I had a mentor speak with me on that very thing and he suggested the best course of action is to just write a chapter, story, memory, whatever, whenever inspiration strikes and the emotions are there. Don’t worry about the order, just write each memory. You can worry about the story structure and cleaning it up and giving it order later. When that raw emotion or memory hits, that’s the vein of gold that will feed the best writing.

Good luck.



(no subject)

Cold flourescent lighting

Burns the long deserted passage of my mind

Just a floor of brittle wood between us

(and her smile, her laugh, the way you look at her)

I try to climb the stairs that lead to you

But stop halfway, my heartbeat in my ears

My plan?

I'll look for her, I know,

And wither in my lie

While your eyes search slowly for the deeper reason

The hands I held in mine wrapped 'round your chin

As I try not to marvel what a paradox those distant fingers hold

And her?

She doesn't know

Her ignorance a cage to keep me distant

And a path to lead you near

But you're a fly that crashes on the cold flourescence of her smile

You'll turn to her-

I catch my breath stopped on the stair

And a loathing swells inside me

Uncontrolled and tearing me apart

I twist, a shock, and gallop down the stairs

To walk the distant hallways of my heart.


(no subject)

Who the hell are you?

You do...

Everything I've always wanted-

From someone else.

There is no value in a compliment from a stranger

No tingle in a stare from an adversary

Or a blush if these hints come from you


I reach across your body to my friend

You seize my hand and hold it pinned

I use the other to grab the pen you'd stolen

And pull back to see a smile

Find your hand in mine

a second passes

I see the smugness in your eyes

Remember you and snatch my fingers back

Walk away

Shake my head

Curse you in my mind

Blow it off.

I can't help but wonder, though...

That maybe the reason for your grin

Was that, against my will-

The opposite of all I want to feel-

My hand was happy there.


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Re: Get Set - yes :) it also makes me more inclined to unpack all my traveling stuff, instead of throwing it…


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