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Cold @ MindSay


Hey Mindsay.

To be completely honest with you guys, I really don't want to blog today. I've been sick since Sunday night, and I  just feel all around crappy.  Thankfully I don't have the flu, but I do have the most severe cold I have ever had in my life. Not cool, rhinovirus, not cool. I think I'm going to try to go to class tomorrow (for the first time this week, ugh).  I have a 4-5 page paper due in my one class that I've only written one page of, so hopefully I can get the rest of that done tonight. Michael's had this cold as well, but I think his immune system is fighting it off a little better.  He seems to be feeling better today than I am. My head is still full of disgusting green mucus.  TMI? Probably. Anyway, enough whining about my pitiful state, I'm a fucking baby when I'm sick. The point is, I feel obligated to fully participate in the Mindsay Reunion Tour, so here I am.

Luckily for you guys, I think today is a John Mayer kinda day.  His winter tour was officially announced last night, and I will soon be acquiring tickets to his March 8th show in Austin Texas!  Unfortunately, he's way too big name to consider playing in crappy New Mexico, so I'll venture to Texas for him.  The first time I ever saw him was actually right here in Las Cruces at the Pan Am center on the NMSU campus, which is like a mile from my apartment.  *sigh*, those were the days. 

There are only 13 days until his newest album, Battle Studies, drops!  I still haven't heard of any leaks as of yet, has anyone else? (eh commntyblackman ???)  I preordered it from the JM site because along with it came a code that enables me to buy my concert tickets before they go on sale to the general public.  Unfortunately that means that I won't be getting it until a few days after the 17th, so I'm REALLY hoping for a leak. If not, I may just have to break down and buy a copy on the 17th anyway, then give it to somebody. There's nothing like sharing a little JM love though, right? I'm sure my sister would appreciate a copy. 

I gotta say guys, I'm still the pee-my-pants-at-mention-of-John's-name-fan-girl I've been since I was 16, and I really don't see that changing anytime soon.  And you know, maybe there are better artists out there.  But there is no one whose music means more to me. Period.


Ok today I have no "Permission denied", even if , since the last update, I can open MIndsay just today.
How are you all? Hey, it's so cold!!! I live in a island in the south of Italy now (SICILY) and we have SNOW!!! It's incredible!!! Never seen snow here!!


Ice River


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