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The concept as to why...
There's a spiritual emptiness
So the youth them get vexed
Skip class and get wrecked
Feel with beer and cigarettes
To fill the hole in their chest...

Strange how the image one has of the world can change in a brief instance. Does the brain build its view of the world in such a way that it is so very fragile that I single crack can bring the entire façade crashing to earth? And strange it is that my brain will ponder over a question such as that one when I don not know why it had popped into my head in the first place. There must have been something during this morning's routine that triggered to the question, but alas, I do not know what that may have been...

But regards of why it is in my head, the fact that it is now there and it must be pondered upon as I ponder upon things that require my pondering. I now that it has happened to me in the past, and will probably happen in the future, that one small insignificant occurrence can change the way one thinks of the world whether this is in a positive way or negative is not of importance, the thing that I wonder about is why one brief flash can change the entire outlook on life?

Is it the final block stacked that brings the monument to one's world crashing to the ground or it is the final piece of puzzle that completes the picture that one can finally see for the first time? I suppose how all the factors are compiled within one's skull will ultimately decide what the outcome will be - will the world stand for eternity or will it be torn down to be rebuilt anew?

And I wish that I was not listening to the radio at this very moment for there was a thought that was placed in my mind that has overwritten the dilemma that had been spiraling about in the void betweens my ears. And it was the fact that I was listening to one of the local public radio stations and they mentioned that they existed so that all things that would otherwise go undocumented are documented, and in many ways, this is what I do without having pledge drives though I suppose I could accept money from all my readers so that I can continue doing this for all eternity and make this Blog my primary source of income as I document those things that would otherwise go undocumented - I make the everyday ordinary extraordinary for how many who use this medium can actually write about the joys of sitting in a waiting room, how many can write about the joys of watching the snow fall upon the earth? How many I ask you?

This Blog was sponsored in part by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by readers like you!!!

This is the Word of the AntiCrust...

Praise be ye who Read the Word for ye are Blessed amongst humans...


And in the end...
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make...

When in the course of human events it becomes self-evident that I have become far too busy to write all that needs to be written within these pages, I shall do my best to update as frequently as possible though I do not know how frequently that will be for I have discovered the joys of painting, but not painting in what could be considered a creative fashion for this painting is the painting of a sports bar whose owner I know and in his world, he feels that his bar will be open in about two weeks though those of us who are doing the work know that this is an unrealistic dream for there is much work to do before the first customer passes through the front door. And what is needed is bodies who can do some work, not the three to five of us who are doing our best to finish the work that must be done according to the rules and regulations of the great state where this sports bar will occupy...

And so I have been busy, very busy lately. And time is being sucked from my soul and will never again return and all the great works that I will produce have been put on hold though there may come a day when I find the time that I have lost and I will use it to its fullest to write the Great American Novel for which I will receive much fame and many honours will be bestowed unto me. And the world will be so much better for the words that I will share with it and all will be groovy in its own groovy way...

And so I do not have a great deal of time at the moment and such is life. There are things that I cannot change in this life, there are things that I must do during the course of my journey - so many things to do, so many people to meet, so many words to share with those who are brave enough to venture force into the wilds of CyberSpace. To those who are brave enough to read these words I shall do my best to entertain, inform and education. To those who will never read this I can only say that I feel sorry that their lives have missed the glories of all that I call My World...

And as I type these words I realize that my time to write is coming to a close for time keeps marching on towards its end and I have no way of slowing it down even in the slightest degree. I cannot stop its progress for it just keeps on keeepin' on. It just keeps on truckin'. Green means go, bay-bee and green is the color of my soul...

And I write this at this point during the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month and there is much to ponder upon on this holiday at this hour. And all I can think of is how the world has changed in the short time I have spent here and how it will continue to change as I journey on my path. And change much like time cannot be stooped as it marches on. And I wonder if one can have time without change or change without time and I feel that I know the answer, but I have no means of proving the thoughts that are in my head for I do not have the time to reason all the scenarios out to their conclusion...

And funny are some of the changes that I have witnessed in these few years. I have witnessed the rise of a new religion in this country though many do not share my point of view, but it is a religion nonetheless. And this is the Cult of Green, not the green of my soul, my heritage, but rather it is the Environment Zealots that now dominate all political speak, commercial thought, and all the news that is fit to print. Nothing is more dangerous than a religious movement that dominates all aspects of life in a country. Funny it is that we should kneel before the alter of climate change when it is the fate of this world to change. This planet has been warmer than it is now, and it was warmer for more of its history than the current period I find myself in. There have been many swings in temperatures for there is nothing even remotely coming close to stability in climate and we are naive to think that we can control the weather of this planet let alone understand it. There was a time when England had the best wineries in the world. There were many periods during the life of this world when there were no ice caps at the poles. And so on and so forth and I could Babylon and on about the world, but I will do so though I feel I should for time is running out...

And my time is growing short as this planet's days grow longer ever so slightly as it journeys through this system. And my time grows shorter as the moon slowly spirals away from its planet. And there are things I cannot change just as I cannot change the fact that one day this world will be consumed by a dying star. Change happens and one either adapts and overcomes or one dies and such is this life...

This is the Word of the AntiCrust...

Praise be ye who Read the Word for ye are Blessed amongst humans...


Here we are in our summer years...
Living on ice cream and chocolate kisses
And would leaves fall from the trees
If I was your old man and you was my missus?

And so the weather has begun its dark spiral towards winter. Even though it has not felt like the temperature has plummeted much, I can tell my the color of the leaves that it will not be long until the trees will be barren, ghostly in their appearance as the world is thrown into the season of death buried beneath a layer of fluffy frosting. These are the days that I face in the not so distant future from which I cannot escape...

And so I lie back on my couch and write the tale of my life as it appears within my mind - a cinematic spectacle that words cannot do justice to. My life as a movie would be a grand idea if only I had a way to film from within the confines of my skull. If only I had a means of directly connecting my brain to the Internet so that all I see before me can be shared with everyone, everywhere. Though this grand idea would eliminate the need I have to write about my world and all that I find within it so this may not be the best thing that I can could hope for though it would provide those who took the time to see the world as I see the world a crystal clear image of the visions I have...

And so I spend the dawning of Fall in this northern industrial town and I watch the leaves change into the colors, shades, and hues of the rusting relics of the industrial glory that once was in this part of the world. Now it is gone just as the summer has left and wondered off to wherever it goes at this time of the year, and all I know that it is gone...

This is the World of the AntiCrust...

Praise be ye who Read the Word for ye are Blessed amongst humans...


A Must Read

Wake up and pay attention!

Turn Up Your Speakers & Listen!

Why do people commit suicide?


Why do people cut themselves?


Why do girls become anorexic and bulimic?


Why do kids bring guns to school?


Why do kids get they start using meds, and abusing them?


Why do girls feel the need to act like sluts to impress guys?


Why cant people show their sexuality freely, without worrying about being judged?


In the Bill Of Rights, it says we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So why are we so afraid to speak up for ourselves?













Society in general




Child Abuse



Stereotypes, and everything else.
I want to live in a good place, without suicide, rape, murder, and JUDGMENT!

Killing is wrong


No, a ghost will not rape your dog.
You wont have relationship problems
No you won’t die in 7 days.
BUT you will have the guilt on your shoulders that you didn’t try to get the message across.
I want to stop the madness.
If I only reached out to 1 or 2 people that’s fine.
At least MY conscience is clear...HOW ABOUT YOURS?

--You have to click 'Reply To Poster', and then copy and paste in a different bulletin or you won’t get the whole bulletin…


If Juan Mann can do it, then think of how much we can accomplish together...


This video just amazes me.  For all those people out there that say that one person can't make a difference, this just proves them all wrong. 


You can read about the movement that this man has created







So now that we have learned all about how Juan Mann can change the world in his own way, let's see if we can change it in our own way. 

I'm sending out a virtual hug to everyone who stops by my blog from now on.



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