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Hey Mindsay, Watch THIS!
Security Level: Low (Public / Everybody)  

Please help me test out a feature using the new publisher.


Type the following words in a comment or on a new blog post:



Hey, watch this!   



Did you encounter anything unusual while trying to type that? Let me try that again using the styles feature:


Hey, watch this! 


So, did you notice? Now, I dare you to type this:


   watch watch watch watch watch watch watch watch watch watch 


You have to type the word "watch" ten times.


Please post your observations in a comment below. Thank you for your cooperation!



Security Level: Low (Public / Everybody)  




Does anyone here watch Watchmojo? My wife and I keep up with their latest Top 10 videos daily since two year ago. 


Who here has Tumblr?
Security Level: Low (Public / Everybody)  



Who here has Tumblr? I hardly use mine, but I try to use it when I can. I should be using it more often, because my Tumblr is one of those blogs that I have where I actually pay for a domain pointing to it. Check mine out and follow me there, too! Here it is:


Publish (beta) test post: YouTube Button

Claudio Sanchez – Hello (Acoustic Cover, originally by Adele)


This is just a test post using the new Mindsay “Publish (beta)” feature.


First, I would like to thank Dustball for including this button to the beta publisher. Youtube doesn’t seem to be providing the old embed code that Mindsayers used to paste in the SOURCE of their posts. 


Second, there’s a few things that I did not see in the YouTube button that might be very helpful to some users who aren’t exactly technically savvy. This is in regards to the video’s aspect ratio. By default, the YouTube button has it set on 640px by 360px). The video I posted above is at 400px by 225px, as calculated by an external website because I’m too lazy to do the math. Most Mindsay blogs aren’t any more than 500px in width. As for mine, the theme that I use is probably at exactly 500px. This means I prefer to have my videos a bit smaller than that, or the blog entry’s borders could cut it off. Let’s try that now, using the same video at 640px by 360px, centered):




By now, you should be convinced that the lead vocalist of Coheed and Cambria actually does a better version of the song “Hello” by Adele. At least in my opinion, I think so. :p


Proposed solution: I believe it would be cool if there was a checkmark that says “Keep Aspect Ratio”, so when we enter our preferred width of the video, the height will also adjust accordingly to the w1/h1 = w2/h2 formula (Oh, how about a superscript / subscript button for exponents and stuff?)


Other things that I noticed: 

  • I am totally digging the Styles and Format feature. However, once you select a style, how do we go back to normal after we’re done with that particular style? Do we click “remove the format” to revert to the normal plain-jane text style?

  • OMGURRRRR IMGUR← That is awesome! Just noting that.

  • For those videos with YouTube embeded videos in their posts via the Publish (beta) feature (a.k.a. superpost.mws): At the moment, you will not be able to edit your entry and expect the video you embedded / posted to still be there. If you decide to edit your post, the original editor will kick in, and will destroy the embed code you previously had. Currently, the “edit old entries” use the original editor and it currently does not support the new YouTube embed code (iframe). If you’re gonna post a video, beware of this for now.

  • Just a suggestion, and this can be placed on the lowest of priorities: Smileys. Where’s the poop emoji?????? It’s 2016! ;) :p jk

Some of you may know this about me: I have only used Mindsay’s Editor less than 4% of the whole time I blogged in the past. Many of my entries are typed and edited using Livejournal’s Semagic client v1.8. I say my mind, get the plain text / html version of it, and I post it in Mindsay under “Source” or Plain Text. How do I have “format” in my past posts? HTML, generated by Semagic Livejournal Client.




Does anyone here play Elsword?
If you do, add me as a friend. I use a lot of characters, but you can add this one:

VixenRouge (Elesis - Crimson Avenger)

Yes, most of the time, I'm a female in-game. But I have all the characters, so I have about 5 male characters I hardly use. lol

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