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                Today started out with this strange game of ‘Pass the Grumpiness’; but it was thankfully pretty much gone by 1st cash-in.  A did PHENOMENAL during reading instruction today.  OH MAN.  He’s getting so much better, both actual reading as well as his reading attitude.  We read a story about a kid who wanted cookies and did crazy things to get them, and then he was even willing to do a story map on it.  Not just ‘I’ll dictate to you, you write it down’…he wanted to do some of the writing, too! And (for him), it was done really neatly!  I was kvelling!

                I then realized around 10 that even though it’s testing week for the 5th graders, I DID have somewhere to be at 9.  OOPS.  I stayed with AB from 10 – 11:30 to make up for missing my first half hour.  He did awesome, too.  Kinda silly at some points (he was also CRAZY fixated on Wyoming’s state bird while we were working on his research project), but even though he was kinda unfocused and some of the work was hard, he was able to get it all done before lunch so he didn’t have to miss recess.  That made him feel excellent, and I did, too.

                Lunch I sat w/ A, until I saw D and E with trays leaving the room.  I reminded them they needed a grownup with them, so they asked me to go and I said I would, but that before they could go to recess, they had to bring the trays back.  Had some good lunch talk, and then at the start of recess, E asked if they could wait and I said no, and he took it.  D was much more grumbly. 

                Group was okay; they were rude when Jerry started out w/ his usual ‘who am i?  Why am I here?’ stuff, but eventually, E settled in and started to work on the scenario he picked out for us.  D took longer, but FINALLY, all 4 of us were trying to pick which 7 items we’d want to take with us to survive a 5 day hike up a mountain.    Took some bargaining, but we were able to get things done

Do You Accept?
That was just weird.

I'm waiting on a phone call from my friend Shelley to see if we're going to go snowboarding tomorrow (it's not looking good in my mind, because she's not calling back and also tomorrow is a holiday and watch, the mountain's closed), so my phone is in my pocket.  A few moments ago, it rang.

"You have a call from (unintelligble male voice, speaking for less than one second)".  The message repeated twice.  Then the automated voice says, "Do you accept this call? If so, it will be at a rate of $9.99 for the first 20 minutes.  To accept this call, press 1 on  your phone.  If you do not accept, please hang up".  So I hung up.  But I looked at it, and it was a 561 number not stored in my phone.

I have a word document (okay, it's an excel sheet, don't judge) of everyone's phone #s from when I got my new phone and the old one didn't transfer them over and I realized 'hey, I might want to have that stuff written down somewhere in case my phone ever craps out and I need a phone number'.  Then I used my Master's Degree and said, 'why don't I check that since I never put all the #s into the new phone?'.  So I did. 

I knew instantly that 561 was a Florida area code (weird tidbits like that stick with me:  area codes, zips, birthdays...), and when I looked at them, they were indeed Floridian friends' numbers that showed up.  Unfortunately, this particular 561 phone number wasn't one I knew.

Then, very briefly, I said, "oo! Ryan lives in Florida!  Maybe it was Ryan!".
Ignore the fact that Ryan lives in Miami, which is not in that area code.  Neglect for a minute the fact that Ryan and I stopped communicating in...August.  Also neglect for a minute that we never exchanged phone numbers, and though we're friends on facebook, I don't list my number on there so he didn't randomly write it down.

If you DON'T neglect all that, you might be with me at the right level of disappointment when I realized 'hey, that wasn't Ryan calling me (collect) to talk'.  Yeah.  Sucked.



Thursday, December 18, 2008

                FINALLY, WE HAVE SCHOOL AGAIN!  Jeez.   That was a legit week without them.  Day started out weird/crazy.  We went to the front, and none of them were there.  Not even D.  At about 8:45, D and his mom walk in – turns out all the coughing D was doing last time we saw him?  His 3rd bout with pneumonia.  Poor kid.  So he had to get seen by Denise.  Then we’re STILL WAITING for the bus, and then E and A walk in…no Z!  I had volunteered for Z duty so everyone else could go to PT time, and then Z didn’t come; the bus went to his house, but they didn’t come out.  Wow. I wonder if they’re staying somewhere else because of that storm we just had?

                Anyway, A and E went down the hall with Claudia.  In the back of my mind, I knew today was gonna be crazy because they’d just had an unplanned WEEK off.  So finally P and I were heading down, but David told him to stay and wait, so he did.  So I’m wandering to our room, and Claudia’s in the hall, kinda looking at me with the ‘we’re-having-an-issue,-move-it!’ face.  So I hurry down, because my gut is telling me that E was out of control.  WRONGO.  The issue was with A; who had just thrown up in our sink, all over himself, and all over the boys bathroom (and I do mean, ALL over.  Even on the door).  So she’s dealing with him, E IS off (but not too bad, just kinda running and hitting the cord from the window shade).  Kinda calm him down.  Try to take him to gym, he sees it’s supposed to be talking/learning about skiing, we leave.  Dammit!  I wanna learn how to ski!  So we go back, do some math, and he whoops my butt at Fraction Action.  D comes in,  he does his math, and that was about it.

                They should have lost cash-in because we had some flying pencils, but it was their first day back and they were having relatively good days considering they don’t like change, so that was that.  Then A’s mom comes in to bring more clothes and also to tell us he’s prob not going to school tomorrow because we’re prob gonna have ANOTHER SNOW DAY (Jesus!), so she wants work. A LOT of work for him to do.  Now, we send homework home every night, and it NEVER comes back in, but it seems silly to point that out to her.  Gave her about 5 math sheets and his spelling, showed her what to do with writing and what he’s been doing for reading, and promised her we’d have a big pack of work for the break.  Will it get done?  Probably not.  I <3 wasting my time planning for something that isn’t going to happen.

                Johanna showed up, WITH her adoooooooooorable 1 ½ year old Henry because she didn’t have a sitter.  He was amazing.  Slept most of the time, and the kids watched the Sandlot.  I’d like to take a minute here to say that if you’re ever looking for a good movie to show a group of kids, and it’s supposed to be PG or G…DON’T pick the Sandlot.  I mean, greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat movie, and apparently, ‘crap’ isn’t a curse word up here, but at one point, in this movie labeled ‘PG’, a kid says, “he looks like shit”.  OY.  I’m pretty sure the 2 boys missed it, but all the adults at the table had something to say about it.  Should be PG13. They were pretty good.  Pretty good with Henry, too.  They had been in and out for 1st recess (D’s pissed because he doesn’t own boots and thus wasn’t allowed off the blacktop), and they didn’t want to go out for 2nd recess to keep watchin’ the movie, so that’s what we did.    All in all, pretty good day.  Lord- please let us have school tomorrow!


listening to boys play
Video Games. Yes. They say the FUNNIEST things.

"oh that's gonna leave a mark!"
"I am so mad I could eat myself!"
"He ate me like a sandwich"
"Why did you ice me?"
"AAAAAAHHHHHH help me friend!!!"

And much more, all while playing Digimon.
I have these two little gems till around 3 or 4pm. I was trying to get another one to come over, but I can't get hold of his mother. I love having GOOD little children over to my house who I know won't tear up things or lie excessively about what they are doing. They don't bother me. They don't ask for much. PERFECT!

(no subject)
Oh What a Weekend:

Friday night party at the Vanella's
- Mrs. Vanella, I like everything you do - I like the way you move! - Sean
- Thumper
- Yohe, Chris, Josh, John with the funny shirt(s)
- Jimmy Buffett in the kitchen
- The lights going out...twice...
- Bomb punch chugging contest between Joey and his mom
- 13
- 43 year old women; Quinny and John.  Discuss.
- Rick Rude baseball games.
- 3 bouts of rain and storm, and then...the sprinklers came on.
- Nicole and I told Kathy the hotdog story...

Saturday night block party in Island Park
- Lindsay, Kristina, Nora, Jaimie
- EDWIN.  And Edwin remembering the good old days when I called him EdLOSE <3
- Erin not able to call me
- Etienne.  Etienne actually GREW.  Maybe 5 inches?  I think he broke 7 feet a whiiiiiile ago....eep!
- "I've seen Emily more in the last 2 nights than I have in the last 4 years" "6 years, Chris"  "Shiiiiiiiiiit"
- "You look really familiar. I know you" - Dan Travers, who I used to live around the corner from.  The boy who used to offer me rides - such a nice family.  Glad I didn't mess up and call him Sean.  I can't believe Sean has been dead for 5 years. I can't believe I didn't go to the memorial while I was so near by.  I wish I knew him better; I have never heard a bad word spoken about him.
- Bomb and his cousin, La Bamba.
- Old crushes.  For the first time since I was a senior in high school, I was in the same vacinity as Danny K.  We took our time to talk to each other (though I talked quite a bit to George, to be shared below), but eventually got there.  Joked about how I don't live in WH anymore, had to get to Mass, and how I was turning tricks to get there.  I was able to be brave enough that when he said that was a lot of tricks, I told him '2 at the most; I'm just that good'.  5 yaers ago I would NEVER have had the balls to deliver a line like that.  Baby steps.  He's still really cute, unfortunately.  He got heavier (I saw photos) but looked better last night.  Couldn't see his eyes in the darkness, but I know they're still gorgeous. 
- George:  "When we had that class together, we were friends".  We were friends?  George and I?  Hilarious.  Also, I called George 'Rob' by accident (actually, I said, 'where IS George' and he said "I AM George". I miss Rob).
- John with the funny shirts (last night's was about squirrels) went to give me a hug and just went and picked me up.
- Getting to put my feet up on George's back.
- Realizing I STILL don't like Mike T., and that it's OKAY that I still think he's a douchebag.  I don't have to like everyone, and I really don't like him.  He was such a jerk back then, and even though we didn't exchange words, I know he's still the same kid.  Hasn't evolved at all.  Chestnut's probably the exact same way.  I have forgiven everyone else; I mean, I hugged and kissed Yohe, who I know was one of them....but I will never forgive Teich and Chestnut for continuing it.  And it feels GOOD to not just forgive them because time has passed. 

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