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Amusing Thoughts
I just  viewed my own blog as everyone else sees it for the first time in forever. Can i tell you how funny i find it, that i was Shades of Grey before there was "50 Shades of Grey" ? LOL
I have had this layout for at least 5 years, if not longer. Just a funny little tidbit

My rose hips are evil
I tried to de-seed them but ended up with sticky rosehip paste everywhere. I'm not sure what to do with them now. I want to preserve them somehow.

I ended up sleeping a lot because I was depressed. I slept a normal amount at first, then woke up and found out that my lamp didn't work anymore. I turned on the overhead light, took the lamp shade off with the intention of changing the light bulb, then lay down and stared at it and soon passed out for about another 10 hours. Woke up around 1 AM and hung out with Reuben for a few hours. Now he's fallen asleep, and for some reason he's hidden his head under one of my pillows. I'm vaguely amused.

It stopped snowing the day before yesterday, but the snow's not melted much, so the buses are still being weird. Seattle has a coastal climate; it doesn't get much snow so when it does, everyone freaks out and crashes into things. It's cold and my bed looks like a nest -- I have four blankets, one of them a feather one, and about fifty thousand pillows. I have a lot of non-fiction books that I need to read and haven't done so because I don't have the attention span. But I WANT to learn about Henry VIII's six wives! And about the history of Slavic people! And ancient Russian food! And also the history of the U.S.! It's very unfortunate and kind of stressful. I did spend money on most of these, after all. Poo. :(

I'm hoping to go somewhere today, and also to make Apple Cider muffins for tomorrow. For Thanksgiving, I'm going over to Billie and Basil's house -- which is fitting enough, they and Matthew and Zoe are the closest I have to family. And Suki, but she's not coming.

I'm just kind of blabbering now, so I'ma get off of here and go read "Howl's Moving Castle" instead.

stuck at 61 pages
I am still working out my novel ... mostly in my head. I am up to page 61 with at least 59 more pages to write. The fact that I have a page quota bugs me out. I know I have 120 pages worth of life to write about, but me being who I am, elaborating on that life with enough details to fill the 120 pages is a huge problem. I have already written the ending of the book!  It was quite unintentional, but the wrap up is done. Then, I got hemmed up with the organization of the chapters and whatnot ...which I probably should have saved for the very last, but when I got a mental block on the writing part, I started messing around with the order of the pages. Now I am at 61 pages with nothing left to write about. What in the world am I going to do?

writing is fun
So I am about 51 pages into my goal of 120 written on my biography. I could go over, but right now I just want to make the 120 pages, as that is how many I need in order to get it published. I am hopeful that Etreasures will not be disappointed that they have waited for me for so long. Maybe someday you will see my books on the popular shelf at the local library. Who knows? My goal is to get it done WELL and submit it by the end of February. I pray that it is published by April 11, 2010...MY THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY!!!

Rachel's Tears
I waited a couple of days to post my entry about this book because the very day after I mentioned that I was going to write about it, Dylan Klebold's mother was on tv talking about the years since the Columbine tragedy. It has to have been some difficult years for all of the families and former students involved. So I had to reconsider the post a bit.

This book is very important to some changes I began making in my life about 2 years ago. I just happened across it at a used book store and I had never heard the story of Rachel Joy Scott

Basically, Rachel Scott was an extremely faithful student who attended Columbine High School and she was killed there. In her backpack among her school books and cosmetics were her diaries. She wrote constantly about her faith and the challenges of her belief and her love for God. She wrote that she knew she was going to die for her beliefs -- all teenagers are given to flights of melodrama - but the book made me really consider what I may not actually know, or even be able to comprehend about faith and God. 

Before reading this book, I allowed myself to be very close-minded about anything spiritual. I lived in a gray enclosed world of 'live now and it will be all over soon'. I don't necessarily agree with the entire belief system as Rachel did or wrote about, but it did wake me up and make me think. It was a little nick in the cynical armor I had covered myself in. It is a very interesting, intense and sad story but a good way into understanding the lives of faithful Christians. 


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