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My new love, but life is still hard, for both of us
I have found a new love. His name is Bobby Ray Gilbert. His friends call him Snake. He serving a life without parole sentence in an Alabama state prison, St. Clair Correctional to be exact. He makes me laugh, he makes me feel good, he says the sweetest things, but he is a total Bad Ass, my kind of man. You can find him on MSNBC's Lockup Extended Stay Holman, his episode is entitled "Snake and Fluffy". Here is the link to the part of his episode that MSNBC has chosen to post -

I have put up a web page for Bobby Gilbert (Bobby Gilbert form MSNBC's Lockup Extended Stay-Holman). At Bobby's request the domain name is and the goal here is to bring attention to Bobby's amazing skill as an artist. Susan Carney (the producer of Lockup) was so impressed with Bobby's talent that she had him draw a picture for her to display in her home. The words "draw a picture" do not even come close to describing what Bobby is actually is capable of. To understand what I mean I would ask you to visit the site of Bobby's artistic idol, Mr. J. D. Hillberry at Bobby has stiven to emulate Mr. Hillberry and has learned much from him. Bobby's site is still in the "under construction" phase so please be patient with me. I am trying to work full-time, go to school full-time and raise a child by myself.


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