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This is what I've been doing all day.
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...without the North High school girl uniform.

Yuki Nagato [from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya] in episode 13 - The Day of Sagittarius



Updates, Musings and Ramblings 11/24/2010
  • I should at least try to blog two or three days a week. This is ridiculous! I blogged more when I had a full-time job.
  • The series "The Walking Dead" kicks ass! Wow! I'm not really a big zombie movie fan, but this show is awesome. 
  • I am pleased with the outcome of Dancing with the Stars. I can't stand Sarah Palin, but it isn't Bristol's fault she was in the final three.  Sure, she wasn't a better dancer than Brandy, but she didn't suck THAT bad. I was so sick of the political twist on the show that I didn't watch the show on Monday. One day Bristol is going to realize the majority of people voted FOR her because of her mother and voted AGAINST her because of her mother. What a damn shame. I hope DWTS never puts another political figure on the show. It just ruins it if you ask me. I know they do it for ratings so if they want ratings, their next line up should include Ron Jeremy and Stephen Hawking.
  • I have been sewing and sewing and sewing! I'm having a good time teaching myself how to sew and it relaxes me.  Two Sundays ago The Cocoa Bean, the Butter Bean and my baby cousin Avery aka Manny got Christened. I made the dress I wore and I have to say it came out pretty good.
  • The babies did well during the ceremony. No one -- at least none of the babies, cried during the ceremony. The same can't be said for Cocoa Bean's godmother, Environgirl. LOL!

Mommies and Babies.

The Cocoa Bean's godparents.

My godson's family

The Cocoa Family.

The Cocoa Bean in the dress that she got from josiejunk.

  • Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


where have all the cowboys gone?
I was looking at my list of friends on here. I was disturbed to find out that only 4 of my friends have actually updated in the last 30 days! I know I used to be faithfully here every day more than once a day, but now it's not so feasible... at least not until we are able to get unlimited internet again. I feel bad that so many of my compadres have gone off to other corners of the net and life. This place used to hop with debate, blogs, and general everyday mischief. Now, it's almost like a ghost town. Very disheartening....

getting harder to blog
SO much is going on and so much I don't want to talk about. How crazy is that? I usually have a load of things to say, but more than anything I am overwhelmed. I am getting hit with the realization of the job we are undertaking when we move to the Bronx. I am being hit with the overwhelming danger of the situation. I know that this is what is right for us to do, but it's not an easy situation to get through. I wish I could elaborate, but the task is so immense that I don't believe I could ever truly embody it into words.

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