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So...5 monts without Facebook
After 5 months off Facebook (which I quit because I was totally bored with the constant news feed one-upmanship and "HEY LOOK AT THIS 500TH PICTURE OF MY KID IN THE PAST FEW DAYS") I thought for the next 4.9 months at how happy I was. Which reminded me of blogging, which was the "AIM" of the day from 2004-2008 give or take a year on either end. AIM has come back as GChat and Hangouts. Does blogging make a comeback - but instead of something new - back to the good ole' blogs and communities like this? 

Who knows. Food for thought!


Hi! It's been a long time, hasn't it?


day by day
spent the last few days working non stop and still asking myself why. why do i work 3 jobs and go to school? i guess it just keeps me from getting into trouble. i tried to sleep alittle last night and it just wasnt working. i have lost 2 pant sizes in the last 2 months. not sure if thats a good thing or not. i know alot of woman like when they lose weight but i feel as if i am losing myself in the middle of it all. i wouldnt want to change myself even being over weight i am still happy with myself. i wish more people could understand that size really dont matter as much as the feeling you get when your around that one that makes you melt. try to enjoy your life dont let it go without a fight. good night all.

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