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Happy Birthday, Momma! Today is my mom's birthday.

Happy B-day!
Been so busy sorry for not posting the past weeks. But I have an lj and gj for my meaningless rants. So there you go. 

Now I have to go and prepare. Anyway, thank you all for dropping by.

Oops. Btw, I finally learned how to make simple 100x 100 icons. If you wanna take a look, give me tips or something except flames, please let me know.  

Tswift  spring

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Birthday is cursed.
I'm just going to do a brief update for the few days I missed last week;

Tuesday, I can't say I remember anything significant happening... Went to work, no OT, just my hours and I was on my way.

Wednesday, more of the same as Tuesday. though my coworker Tony made me borrow Machete, which I still need to watch.

Thursday, nothing, just another day, though my coworker Tony took me out for lunch, since my birthday was Friday and I wasn't going to be in the full day. My roommate was supposed to help around 11am with moving Ria, but he informed me this night that he would be unable to make it...

So here's Friday, May 16, my birthday.. Started my day off by having to miss work, not too happy about it since I was already short on hours from missing work Monday, but hey, it was whatever. I get to Ria's house and her brother Pat hops in with me, she has her cats in her car and her family that was helping her was in his truck. We get there, we unload everything, I then leave to head to my job and see if they have enough work to justify me going in on Saturday. They find enough to give me a pretty full day, which makes me breath a little easier.

From there I run to my parent's house to see if my paycheck is there, it's utter importance I cannon even begin to describe... however, it is not there and it causes a bigger problem the following day... See, I had a warrant, which I was going to pay on Friday when my check came in, though it didn't come in, so it didn't get paid. I then go to my house and think about the fact that I have next to no money and it's my birthday, happy 25th to me.. I spend my last $20 bill on a haircut from my brother, I definitely needed one and to be honest, I was a bit hopeful for my birthday that night..

As the night goes on, I talk my friend Courtney into going to the bar with me, we go to Brewski's though we're both quite broke, I figure, it's my birthday, people will buy me drinks. We get there and I run into a few friends, make some new ones, drink entirely too much. We run into another tattoo artist there, whom I've only talked to through Snapchat, and we all become a little trio and decide Beto's will save Harvey and myself, Courtney hasn't drank too much that night so she could be the DD. When we get to Beto's, I run out of the car and pee on a building next door, a recurring theme, it would seem, whenever I go out and I'm not the driver, and I've been drinking. We eventually get back to my house in Clearfield, where I'm surprised to see my roommate still awake, it's after 1am by this point. We all proceed to drink and smoke cigarettes, though it becomes patchy from this point on.. At some point I'm talking tattoos with Harvey and I'm showing him my machines, another point I show him my massage table/chair in the garage, at some point I'm in the back yard peeing without a shirt on, again, another common theme when I drink, I tend to take off my shirt for some reason.. I later head to bed, Courtney joins me, we have sex, it's really patchy by this point, the next morning I wake up without any clothes on, Courtney is getting dress and said she will take Harvey to work for me.

Saturday my check finally comes in, though I'm quite hung over. I shower, leave, pick up my check from my parent's and puke before I leave. I head to Walmart to cash it, since my bank is closed, and visit my mom for a minute. I later leave and notice a cop following me, so I turn into a Maverick gas station and proceed to watch him watch me for about an hour before he drives off and watches me from across the street, I proceed to pull my car into a stall and devise a plan. After talking back and forth with my parent's, I decided to have someone pick up the car and I will walk home, though I feel like if I leave, my car will be taken.

In a last ditch effort, I call Chelsea, because why not, we don't talk anymore but I still really like her. I tell her about the situation, which I will explain now, I have the warrant, and in turn my license is suspended. My car's registration is expired because I didn't have the money to renew it, seeing as how I started my job so recently. I have the previous owner's plates still on, just for the sheer fact that the tags are current and it's more inconspicuous than no plate at all. She tells me not to risk it and just wait for a plan to formulate and she wishes she could help but she's already late for work. She tells me to keep her updated and I say I'll try. After I get off the phone the cop pulls up behind me, blocking my car from going anywhere and tell me he's tired of playing games. I text Chelsea after he takes my license and say that he's probably going to take me in, and that's the last text I send to her. He arrests me, and during the questioning, I explain how I just started my job and have the money to pay my ticket, which I was planning on doing asap, and that I'm already scheduled to see the judge on Monday. He asks why I've been driving around in a car that doesn't have current registration and I look him dead in the eye and say, because I have to get to and from work, I barely got this job and I need to be able to get to Salt Lake everyday, and that I'm not able to take public transportation because I have been banned from it, I fell asleep twice and missed my stop, so I went through a fare zone and didn't have a ticket, so I am doing the option I have available till I have the money to register it again.

Over the course of this situation, he realizes that I'm just constantly close to finally being free of all this, when one little thing just digs my hole even deeper. He proceeds to let my parent's take the car and my wallet so I have the money to bail out, but that's about all he can do. We go to Davis County and I sit in holding, I'm still getting over being hung over and haven't eaten all day, so I have a mean headache and I'm shaky as hell. I'd rather just go unnoticed so I sit in my chair for the many hours it takes to get things sorted out. I end up watching Old School, Due Date and I Love You, Man, from start to completion, including commercials. I finally get out sometime around 3am, I think. As far as being in there for a fourth time, it sucked, but between last time and this time, I have 7 tattoos and they corrected my ethnicity, and put my "other aliases" haha, Jebus, it's a nickname I've had for many years. While I'm there, they get pizza and I can just smell it the whole time, it was pretty screwed up. A few of the female officers there were really attractive too, and they seemed pretty surprised by my job title, I guess they don't see many Electromechanical Technicians in there, or people with manners or all their teeth..

Later in the day of Sunday, which I guess is today, I am helping my parent's with things around their house, reinforcing the fence, yard work, etc. And I finally get to eat, Menudo, the hangover cure I originally wanted Saturday, where I was heading when I got picked up. I eventually get to my house and I'm fairly exhausted, so I take a short nap and go on to mow the lawn afterward, something I had said I'd do Saturday night but, seeing as how I was a little preoccupied, I didn't.. 

As my good friend Chris put it, Oh Chris, when will shit ever go your way? Chelsea ended up talking to me too, she said she believes in me, and to not give up. I really wish things had gone better with her, she is one of the few people that openly told me she believes in me from the moment we met, just had complete confidence in me that I would be ok.

Later Days,


NO, not that I'm writing two days in a row!

The fact that whatever family member you believe or whatever document, my grandfather would have been 101 today if he were still alive.

He's the only guy I know of who had THREE birthdays.  His parents never agreed on which day he was born, his SS card said a date, and his birth certificate said another.  Thus, I used to call my grandpa every October 30, October 31, and November 1st to wish him a happy birthday.

He died in December 2000 at the age of 88, still one of the most interesting men I've ever met in my life. Present tense.

That's almost 13 years ago - still miss him SO much.
But today he would have been 101.  Stupid cancer; he definitely could have made it this far without it.

OH what I wouldn't pay to hear him call me, "Granddaughter" one more time.

party time
Wow I had an awesome time at our friend's twenty-first birthday party tonight. The room was a little unbalanced though, as the normal testosterone levels were a little off since there were mostly guys in the room! There was so much sports talk, it was crazy! Other than that, there was great food, great fellowship, great ministerial acts, and fun. We were able to minister with 3 of our songs, which was nice. I love ministering among friends :D

Week 3's Closing...
Pretty okay week; survived my first road trips completely alone to the other schools, and lived to tell the tale.  PHEW.

And and and and and, I love knowing kids in other places and having them be EXCITED to see me.  And I love how some kids cannot help but be themselves.  Like Tuesday morning, when I was observing the student I work with at that school practicing his walking.  We were in the gym before school started.  So were about 60-70 squirmy little elementary school students.  Needless to say, it was NOT a quiet space.  Yet somehow, above all the din and being focused on TC, I was able to hear one of my campers' voices.  Perfect.

I had to miss the assembly the school was having today...but it was okay, because the 5th grade class agreed to put on a special, private performance for me.  So this morning at 9AM, I sat in the cafeteria and watched them put on Who's On First?   ...It was as wonderful as you are imagining.  Sure, they coulda had more passion, but. .. they're 10.  Chill!

Sometimes I forget that even though they're the biggest fish in our pond, 6th graders are still actually quite small.  I had to spend a good portion of my 'I'm-not-at-work' day (Thursday) in one of the 6th grade classrooms (the one I have a student based out of) because the classroom aid's been out several days this week and the teacher got sick and left by 8:00, and smartly, they gave that classroom TWO subs who'd never even been inside the school before! (facepalm). 
Anyway, they were writing letters to other kids when I stopped in around 10:45.  And I have no idea if these are real potential penpals or a character in a book, or made up based on the country they're studying, but it became my task to read some of said letters and help them find spelling mistakes.
One of the 'cool' boys, who is new this year and from Texas (the only one of the 4 letters I read that spelled 'Massachusetts' right btw' was amazing.  His letter was really earnest, but it was also really... I don't know how to word it.  Evidence of just how small a kid's world is at that age?  Actual sentence from his letter:  "Do they have schools in your country?" and much later in the letter, "I have had some food from your country.  Have you ever had any food from my country?".   AWWWZ.

Otherwise, I feel like I got NOTHING accomplished during the day today.  I had all these plans to do paperwork on the one day I don't pull kids/get paid, but NO; I got about one worksheet done....which is better than none, but I need to make like, 12 for his portfolio.  I was also trying to set up times to pull kids in a few weeks when I miss a work day, but that went NOWHERE.  Frustrating.

Note to self - Chris Talmage doesn't understand sarcasm on the phone. No more joking with her.

Before I left for tap, I finally found the old MCAS-Alts that Kate told me existed so I could see how they were supposed to be set up.  Of course, I came across my old student, A's.  And read it cover to cover.  I laughed, and I literally had to bite my lip to NOT cry.  We had a crazy year, but we had a great year.  That was my first classroom, and they were my first school family.  Listening to NOFX while working last night made me miss Parker like crazy.  Then reading A's portfolio and re-looking at the work we submitted and the pictures of him doing it ...I felt triumphant.  I don't know what our score was (like everything else in Massachusetts, confusing as hell to figure out), but I know that for him, he was doing great!

Head into the building for tap.  Down the first intro hallway, and then started to head to the left as always to change and dance the day away.  There's a chair at the crossroad, and some dude kinda pulls a magazine up in front of his face.  'Weird' I think.  Then does it again really fast.  I start to high-tail it outta there, because ay-yai, don't need to deal with that, and he drops the magazine.  HOLY LORD IN HEAVEN ABOVE, IT'S PARKER.  Mr. Parkiepoo Parker.  My exact response when my brain caught up with my eyes was, "You gotta be fucking KIDDING me" before we bear-hugged the crap outta each other.

Parker.  My Parker.  Okay, never MY Parker (despite what all the kiddos tried to depict), but... it's pretty safe to say I'd take a bullet for the dude no questions asked.  If I had money, I'd give it to him.  That kind of thing.  Wearing his striped hat, full beard, longish hair.  And though I'd gotten to class at 1:20 so I could change, stretch, and eat my carrots before my 2:00 class, I was very happily still talking to Parker at 1:50.  It was like no time had passed at all.  I just... I get to see Claudia every Tuesday now, but seeing Parker randomly at community college while he waited to get his taxes done for free by an accounting class.... what a lucky Thursday indeed.  I almost cried again when we left. He was my ROCK two years ago; I wouldn't have made it to June if he hadn't been there to make me laugh after ridiculous events (see entries of explosions in my classroom from 2008 - 2009).  Sigh; seeing both of them in the span of 2 days?  Love it.

Oh, and then the radio played 'Caress Me Down' after class.  I'd started my car saying 'put something good on the radio' and then the first note of that played, and I felt like the entire universe was listening to me.  Pretty cool feeling.

I guess today was pretty good afterall.  I hope yours was, too.

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