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Batman Begins
Batman like you never seen him before. This movie was really good. But there was a little kid in the movie theater making all this noise and wouldn't such shut throughout a movie that is like 2+ hours long! UGH made me mad. How are you going to bring a kid like that to a very dark movie like that!? and ScareCrow. Whoaaa he was creeping, I liked the way they did him and I had to  lean back a bit. He did have some scene where you were just like ack! lol. But go see this movie. I rate it as number 3 our of all the Batman movie.s Number one being the original and number two being Return but just barely. Christian Bale did a good job. Morgan Freeman was great as always in every movie he's in. And Katie Homles, it must have been nimbly in the morning when she was wearing that silk shirt ^_~ ::Evil perverted Rory strikes again:: Bawhahahahaha!


  • thank you so much for the comments you left me!
  • My sister had her prom on Friday...
  • i will post some pics of that!
  • she looked amazing
  • :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • Christina, you looked beautiful for your prom...
  • and i love you new hair cut
  • i miss you all
  • i love you all
  • i know have i LOTS AND LOTS of good reading
  • i am listening to "St.Patrick's Day" by John Mayer
  • it makes me think of him...
  • why?
  • because he likes this song...
  • i love you all
  • i miss you all
  • i will blog about my weekend and my party once i get the damn pics downloaded off the camera and on the the computer and up in photobucket and ON TO MY BLOG! hee hee give me a few days
  • i love you all
  • i miss you all
  • have a great rest of the night
  • and have a great Monday

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