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This One HURTS
What do you mean Yogi Berra 'passed away' yesterday?
That is not something that is even possible!

If you know me and my relationship with baseball even slightly, you know that I burst into tears when I saw the headline.  This is one of those things that my brain will not process for multiple days/weeks, and then I will be wrecked again.

R.I.P., Lawrence Peter Berra.  You have been so important to my family for so very long.  We have always enjoyed your nature and wit.  Safe journeys, and I'm sure you're already reunited with Carmen.  That's the only okay part about this.

Great Saturday!
I loved today!

- Woke up at 5:30, but dozed in and out until like, 7:15.  GOLD.
- Got mega errands completed.
- It is G O R G E O U S out.  I had no idea I liked low 70s and sunny so much (I always thought 70 was on the cold side, but after months of 'high of 30' 70 in my small coat was perfection).
- Fun baseball game to watch.
-  Cooking to my 'boybands' Pandora station (hold your judgement!).
- An hour and a half phone call with Lisa?  Hell yes.  I miss seeing her regularly.
- Found out I'm on the short list for knowing a friend is pregnant before it's Facebook official <3 I am so excited and touched and then more excited and I've only cried twice in the last hour I've known.  That's pretty good.  She texted me while I was talking to Lisa, so I hung up that call and I saw that text and squealed!
- It's only 8:00; I still have plenty of time to do stuff <3

For Nerko
Don't get me wrong; if I'm gonna cheer for a Chicago team, it's gonna be the Cubs, not the Sox.  Every time.  I will always bleed pinstripes, this 'Derek won't put on a home uniform ever again' thing has already made me cry thrice tonight.  I still can't watch the infamous Gatorade commercial, and I think I'm still in shock, and fear when it will actually register.

So I am choosing to send a little love to another retiring captain.  Paul also has played this game the right way for a very long time.  He's been totally overshadowed this year, but no less deserving of accolades from his peers/fans of the sport.

*This video made me cry, too.  I'm a crier, but...this is pretty flawless. 

Enjoy retirement, Nerk.

"The Tiger Did Nothing Wrong"
Quite possibly, the best thing I've read in all of 2012.

Where is that statement from?

A press conference, given by Bronx Zoo director Jim Breheny, regarding a man jumping off the Monorail ride into the tiger's exhibit yesterday.  The tiger punctured the guy's lung and mauled his leg pretty badly.

That's clearly not funny.
Him even bringing up the tiger's liability in press conference is.  It's a fucking TIGER.  A born hunter/killer.  With free food FALLING INTO ITS CAGE.  No one's going to blame the tiger for an idiot entering his space when the first thing you learn about a tiger is IT WANTS TO EAT YOU.  IT'S 800 POUNDS OF PURE 'I WANT TO EAT YOU'.


Unrelated  (well, it WAS up in the Bronx yesterday, also....) :

This happened last night (  in case that link don't work).  I was watching the game, and I was like 'dammit, that's an out' and suddenly, not an out.  I LOVE baseball, and one of the things I love about it is you really don't ever know what's going to happen.  That was as routine a play as could be, and yet Ichiro was safe on first, and the pitcher had a ball in his shirt.

Immediately when I watched that play last night, I thought of El Duque; I couldn't remember WHEN, but I remembered him fielding a ball, the ball being stuck in his glove, so he just threw the whole damn thing to get an out at one of the bases.  Well apparently, the author of the article I posted above felt the same connection between the two, because he posted it here (  ). Also...he throws it to TINO.  Tino has been one of my favorites FOREVER.  Can't believe I forgot that detail.

You can't script baseball.  Great article ending; too true.

Kimbrel's being pretty funny here:  ( )

So Lucky, So Excited

Only 1 more sunrise before I leave for New York!  I am so super-beyond in need of this trip.  Especially now that camp is over and my last day of tutoring was today ( :( ) and I am OFFICIALLY without a job, I need the social interaction. 

Here's my excursion (for all you stalkers out there :) ) :

- I'm going down on Thursday (you know TOMORROW).  Learning the PATH train to Hoboken to check out Sarah's 'Boken digs and MEET BABY CALEB!!!!  Then hanging out with Erica and a friend of hers in Island Park.
- Friday we're waking up and going to the gym, followed by breakfast and THE BEACH.  It's funny; I grew up on Long Island and you used to have to DRAG me to the beach.  I still LOATHE sand, but now that I live up here and 'the beach' is a stretch of mud and/or rocks leading into a river/lake, I want to go.  Don't know what beach we're going to, but ... beach!!!!
- Friday after the beach, we'll swing by my dear friend Pam's house (did I just fucking write 'my dear friend'?!?!? What am I, 80!?!).  I haven't seen her in person in easily 8 years, but I'd still take a bullet for her, so I'd say this reunion, however brief, is important.  Vital, even.  Especially since her sister JUST got married and her mom has like, 20 kittens I can play with.
- But we can't stay at Pam's too long, though, because Friday night  (wait for it)
Holy. Fucking. Shit.
You guys know me and baseball?  Well.... this is me dying and going to baseball HEAVEN.  It could easily kill me (sorry if THIS is my goodbye post).   I LOVE watching baseball.  Only been to the new stadium once, last summer.  I planned this trip down to NY as a distraction, and Erica emailed me with, "Wanna go to the Yankees game?" and I said 'YESSSSS!' and we got ticket and....BANGING!  I mean, I have literally squealed about this fact.  Our seats are going to make all the players look like ants, but.... just to be there .... <3
- Saturday morning, Er and I are hopping a bus to Atlantic City for a night.  This was the initial reason for going down - we both needed distractions from life and I'd never been to Atlantic City so we decided to have a rendezvous there instead of Hartford to spice it up.  I will have less than 20 to gamble with.  I will also be pretending Top Chef Las Vegas was filmed there and not in...Vegas... because Michael Voltaggio has appeared in my dreams and I WANT HIM so maybe this will happen :).
- Sunday is traveling back and who knows what else.  MAYBE get to see Lisa.  Possibly a trip to IHOP.
- Monday I'll be meeting up with Mike, maybe Lisa, maybe Jess, maybe others I can wrangle to midtown.  Then, train home and sad faces all around.

Next 5 days = INCREDIBLE.  Rest of life = not so much.  Need a turn around; maybe this trip is it.

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