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hubby is back :D
I am beyond happy that I was able to get my husband back last night. He still wants to move to Puerto Rico, even though I am dead set against it. It's too hot and I am NOT Jamaican... I can't handle all that heat all year round. It's winter there and it is still getting up to 90 in the daytime! UGH! Not for me!!! It was a whole lot of work holding down the fort while he was gone. I truly do see the full value in having a husband around to help with everything, especially the kid!

I was hardly at my own house because of my sister being so close to the delivery of her daughter. She still hasn't delivered, and we found out today that after all her pains *and mine* she isn't dilated not even one millimeter!!! I was like DANG, no progress at all save that if the baby gets any lower she will be delivering out of her pinky toe.

Dearest Little One

Dearest Little One


Dearest little one,

This is your mom speaking –


I know I already told you I love you

But I haven’t made it known to the world

How much you mean to me.

I used to live for myself

But now,

My whole world revolves around you:

I want to be the last person you’d see

When you sleep at night

And the first face to greet you when morning comes.

I want to make you smile for always –

Such innocent giggles and laughters

Are the most beautiful music I ever hear.

I want to guide you in your wobbly steps

Making sure that you learn from each bruise and mistakes,

Each scar a reminder of your wisdom.

I want to see you grow big and strong,

My little man, my precious child,

And nurture you and teach you of His miracles.

My child, mommy is so proud of you

And loves you so much –

You are the best thing that ever happened to me,

The answer to my most solemn prayer.

I hope that God would always look after you

Especially when you are out of our sight,

That He would love you and guide you

That you’d grow strong and wise,

Most of all, God-fearing,

A person  worthy of His name.

Dearest little one,

You are the most beautiful dream mom ever thought of,

The best miracle presented before me.

You still have a long way to go

And things would not always be according to your liking

But I promise you,

Mommy will always be your number 1 supporter

To reach your goals,

And the first person to advise and teach you

When you are about to go astray.

I love you, little one

I always have

And I always will,

I love you from the moment you are in my womb

To the moment I breathed my last.




To bebe danaise


Dear Lord

Dear Lord,


I know I am not perfect

Nor can I say that I had been good in my life.

The truth is, I had sinned

Numerous times,

Far too many for me to count.

And yet, here You are

Giving me the best that this life can offer:

A wonderful husband,

A peaceful home,

And in a few months,

A child of my own.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder

What have I done to deserve all these?

I may not have been happy all my life

But I am far too contented and at peace today –

This is my piece of heaven

In this chaotic world.

Thank you,

You had blessed my life

Of all the things I need

And a lot of extras in between.

May I ask You for another blessing?

Please bless this child, my precious one

And make him healthy,

May he grow up to be a good person,

A child who would bring joy to my husband and me

And who would praise You with his good deeds.

Sometimes I feel afraid

As this would be the first time

I would be a mother –

Would I be a good mom?

Can I provide all their needs?

How should I discipline my kids?

What keeps me going on is that,

With Your help and guidance,

I can try to be the best mom that I know of –

A mom who would guide her kids as they grow,

I would read them stories and tell them jokes,

I would play with them and be their friend,

I would be their playmate, their classmate, their confidante.

This is an unperfect world

But You always show me

That life is still good

Despite of its imperfections.

Thank You.

I can now confidently move on with my life

For I know, You are with me




091410tue. 1:35am

To dd


Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Lest you think I only write to mom,

Let me make this clear:

I am so honored and grateful

That you are my dad.

You will be my idol as I grow up,

The man I look up to as I mature,

My best friend as I go on my journey.

Dad, please bear with mom and me

Whenever her mood swings attack –

We are both trying to learn

How to cope up with each others’ presence.

Please be patient when mom is unwell,

The changes in our bodies make us sick,

We have yet to get used to everything.

And when mom is too grouchy at times,

Please try to understand her –

Those are the times she needs you the most

Especially your unconditional love.

Dad, mom and I are getting better everyday,

We’re both trying to help each other out,

So when I am sleeping, please look after mom,

After all, you are her sworn protector and lover

Rolled into one.

I had said a lot now,

And I have a lot more to say

But I want to say it when we finally meet

Face to face.

For now, please be reminded

That I love you both

And that I am too excited to meet you.

Take care, dad

And wait for me,

I will come as soon as I can.




To baby danaise


Dear Child

Dear Child,

This is your mom talking.

You may not understand me yet

But I would like you to know,

You are the best gift given to me.

I didn’t know that I can be this happy –

My life was never perfect,

It’s not even ideal,

I had my share of wounds –

I can’t do anything about it now

But I can change yours.

I would not promise you a perfect life

Nor would I promise you happiness forever –

What I can promise you is that

No one can ever harm you

While I am here,

No one can ever deprive you of your rights

As long as I am alive,

No one can make you feel unloved ever –

You are my child,

My treasure,

My precious gift,

My miracle.

I am blessed because of you,

My life has more meaning because you exist.

Maybe God love me this much

And more

Because He made you a part of me.

Grow up, little one

Mom is waiting for you.

Eagerly waiting,

Happily anticipating,

Patiently praying.

Come home sooner, will you?

I love you!




To bebe danaise agen


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