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Couplets Placed Together For You
why do i have to wait
i've waited for so long

why can you give me something
just something

give me something to go on

i can't wait up everyday and check these pages
and see there is still nothing for me

i need to hear from you
i need it

i need something
i need anything

i need it from you
i want it from you

it's all about you
don't you see?

give me something

just make it from you
i need it from you

do you have to make me beg?
i think you already have...

can you hear me?
i want to  S C R E A  M  it to the world
t h a t   i   w i s h   y o u   w e r e   h e r e
i check your sites, over and over again

for something
and there is nothing

e-mail is empty

my heart is empty

fill me.

i beg you.

Soooo Haaaapppy! (And a Question for Mac Users)I am so friggin' happy!^_^Today was a fun day.

I am so friggin' happy!


Today was a fun day. Jacob came over at like 11 o'clock and woke me up. I wasn't expecting him until about 1:30 or so, so I wasn't ready or anything and I felt like a big slob. XD

I took a shower and we hung out here for a while and then he left to go talk to someone and I got a call from Rubi wanting me to go with her to Half Price Books in Houston. Of course I said yes and just before she got here Jacob came back so I forced him to go too.

First we went to Planned Parenthood so Rubi could get her BC pills and Jacob and I had a fun time laughing about how funny it would be if we saw someone we knew from high school there! I mean shit, they already think Jake and I are screwing so it would be hilarious for them to see us together at Planned Parenthood! XD

While we were there we found a really cool Asian magazine so we stole it for Johnny out of the lobby. XD

After we left the clinic we went to Subway because Rubi was hungry and she and I split a sandwich. She got mad at Jacob because he wouldn't eat, but that's just Jake. We had fun laughing and joking together. NO ONE makes me laugh as hard as Jacob. Seriously. He's a fucking riot.

Then it was off to Half Price Books! Rubi and I adore that place! Jacob had never been there before, but he seemed to like it pretty well. ^_^ Rubi bought 5 books and Jacob got one that he insists I read. I'm in the process of reading 3 books at once right now actually, so yeah... I will read his though because he's Jacob and I'll do anything for him. ^_^

I am in debt now, ($37 w00t!) so I didn't buy anything, but I had a good time regardless.

On the way home we did lots of laughing and joking. My friends are so awesome! I heart them! ^_^

We hung out here with Cody for a while afterwards. Rubi and I played Tetris and I don't know what was up but she totally owned me this time! Usually I whip her ass every time, but I was off of my game today. Damnit. XD She's a really sore winner! XD

Jacob and Rubi left at the same time. Jacob refuses to stay here when my aunt's here because he insists that she hates him, but she doesn't, after last weekends fiasco. I didn't want them to leave, but it's okay. I still heart them.

I listened to that Coheed and Cambria song I'm addicted to ("A Favor House Atlantic" and I like "Blood Red Summer" too) like 40 times and learned most of the lyrics. Yes, I have to sing along with songs. It's just not fun if I don't. ^_^

I wish someone very close to me could see how great they are and that those who don't see it or choose not to acknowledge it are just morons. I mean every word I say and I speak the truth. You know it.

Oh, I have a question for all you mac users out there. <3 wanted me to find out what device I can use to make my iBook G3 wireless? Can I get a wireless card or do I need something to plug into the ethernet or firewire port? I'm clueless about this stuff so I'd appreciate any advice. Muchos gracias in advance!

The Theory of Escalation of Commitment

The Theory of Escalation of Commitment is defined as sticking to a decision when it is no longer advisable to do so. This could easily be thought of as the bane of political thought. Whenever a decision is made, whether in politics or not, there is usually something that must be sacrificed or placed on the table. This something could be as little as the sacrifice of the other choices or as much as your entire career. Sometimes reputation is placed on the line when making a choice. Whatever the case, you commit your resources to the decision because you have something riding on your choices. You could face shame and humiliation, or lose resources and respect. Thus a person is willing to place more and more resources, and take more and more risks, in order to make the original decision work and reach the desired goal.

The Vietnam War is an example that comes to mind, but there are more subtle examples. Take a game of poker, for example. In poker, your chips are just as important, or more, than your cards. If you have a great hand, you can be reletively safe betting a lot of chips. But imagine that you are playing what you think is a good strategy. You have a fair hand, so you decide to bet a third of your chips. Then someone raises. You've now got to decide what to do. You realize that there are many ways you could lose this hand. If you keep going you could lose everything, but you've already committed a third of your chips to your hand. If you back out, you'll still have the rest of your chips. But you'll also lose some credibility because you made the first bet and backed out.

That, to me, is the theory of escalation of commitment in a nutshell. It comes into play a lot in politics. Money, time, resources, lives, credibility, etc- all of these things make up the currency of politics. That's the reason why more and more troops were committed to the Vietnam War when it was best to pull back.

It keeps us from trying new things, also. It stops us from backing down. I say us because it isn't just politics that must fall victim to this, but it is all commitments. Unfulfilling relationships often persist because people have been with each other so long, and they've committed so much time to it, that they don't want to face the alternative.

It's just like Kenny Rogers sang...

You've got to know when to hold'em
Know when to fold'em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run....

Too bad we don't follow the good advice of Kenny Rogers. :)

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