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The first steps toward Adventure.. pt 4.
Alright, I feel it's finally time to delve into this adventure...

I plan on backpacking and hitchhiking around the US, because why the hell not? As I said in my earlier post, I'm turning twenty-five in less than a month, and I don't want to grow old and have regrets.. Lately I've been taking stock of my life, my decisions, my problems and issues and strengths. I've also been cataloging skills and supplies I'll need, as I don't plan on returning for at least a year.

I'm planning on taking a DLSR, at the very least the one my grandfather left me, but I'd hope to have a different one by this point, I'm going to take a journal, my cellphone, a handheld camcorder and a backpack filled with the supplies I need to survive. My roommate Dustin may also be going on this trip, but to ensure I can survive on my own, I'm planning according to the expectation that it's just me. I'm hoping to take survival lessons and such before I leave to better equate myself to life on the road and in the wild, hoping to spend 30% in cities and civilization and 70% in the wilderness of the US, so we'll see how it goes.

With luck, I'll be leaving in August, when the lease is up on this house I'm currently at, and I'll be on my way to having one hell of an adventure. I hope to continue writing on here during this journey, and I'm thinking of starting a Youtube channel and a vlog, but we'll see how that goes. I've spoken with a few close friends about the trip, as well as my parents, which surprises me since I didn't really want to tell anyone. My parents would feel better if I took a car, my friend Ria would feel better if I had a clean bill of health, both physically and psychologically, before I went. I had told Savanah, back when she picked me up from Vegas and she begged me not to do it, but since we're not talking, I decided to move forward. Chelsea knows about it somewhat, we haven't really spoken in about two weeks, but she thinks its a pretty exciting idea. Fredy hasn't said anything since I told him yesterday, but that's expected when you have two kids, a wife and a full time job. Needless to say, I'm planning on doing this trip.. if I have to take a car, I'm taking my beat up looking 1983 Datsun 280zx.

In other news, Lindsay, my ex from some time ago I mentioned probably a post or two ago, accepted a friend request I sent her, which surprised me, but pleasantly. We've been talking and catching up, she had another kid, a daughter, it's crazy to think I was her first and we were together so long ago, about 6 years ago when we first met, and I loved her dearly. Talking with her rekindles those old flames, though she is married and I'd not soon forgive myself if I broke up a marriage. She seems very happy though, so it makes me happy, and she had a daughter, seems to have her personality too. She lives in Colorado now, so her place will probably be a stop during the trip.

And as of Monday, one of the pieces of this puzzle called my Adventure will fall into place, the job I'd been waiting to hear back from has given me a starting date. Now I'll have money so I can buy supplies for the trip, as well as pay off whatever I can and buy supplies for tattooing, that way I can develop that skill further as a back up if I need money and I'm wandering. I will be working as an Electromechanical Technician, building and testing various sensors and connections on drilling equipment. It pays a little more than L-3 paid me, and I can't really complain about that, the company seems pretty chill too. 

As the old adage goes, everything happens for a reason.

Later days,


Roger Strikes Back - Droplets (Colbie Caillat cover)
This is a video of me, playing the guitar, doing a cover of Colbie Caillat's "Droplets".

Between you and me, I had to do another crash course to learn this song before arriving at the studio. My new vocalist, Xuan, wanted to cover this song. I have been listening to it a lot, but not enough practice on the guitar. Tonight, I did my best. I hope it sounds alright...

i was made of poison and blood
i know i'm totally late, but i thought it was important to announce that Green Day's new video, 21st Century Breakdown, is absolutely amazing. it's giving Walking Contradiction a run for it's money as my new favorite Green Day video ever. it's very dynamic and artistic, unlike Know Your Enemy, and the visuals correspond with the lyrics very well, unlike 21 Guns. it's easily the best video off of this album, even though i'm not too crazy about the song itself.

i can't wait to see the official video for East Jesus Nowhere. THIS is sort of an unofficial video for EJN and i don't think the band had anything to do with it. amazing quality, though, and a good, relevant story that goes well with the song.

ok..this is a test..
So many of you youngin's have seen the MJ video "Thriller" a zillion times now..
but how many of you know what movie was the inspiration[movie] (right down to his costume) for that video..


yes Myccy, I know you know what it is

probably bad

quickly: the new"know your enemy" video. it wasn't all that great. i didn't get much emotion from it, honestly. it was mostly just the guys playing the song from behind a barbed wore fence with occasional flashes to random city images. lets hope the rest of the videos made from this album are a hell of a lot better.


this piece of Green Day news pisses me off: VH1 wants to leak the new album early. some might be confused about my reaction. shouldn't i be happy? i'd get to hear it early, right? well, while that's true, i believe it's disrespectful to the band. they set May 15th as the release date, therefore, that's when they want us to be able to listen to it, right? as a true fan, i feel i'm obligated to respect the band's wishes rather than be greedy about it and hear it early. y'all might have different oppinions about this and you don't have to agree with me, but i feel like my side of this makes sense. so, maybe i won't be one of the first to hear the full album, but at least i can feel loyal to my favorite band when i DO hear it for the first time.

read about it at the blog on the VH1 site.


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