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Elephant or Teapot?

You be the judge...

Elephant or Teapot

Right click then "View image" (Or something like that) to see it in all (almost) its glory...


me and myself...
214081stvalentimes.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack

well yesterday was uneventful.. started off with a  oddness within the green tinged air.

i felt it  and curtis felt it.. it intenseified  through out the afternoon  and then it got worse..

i fragmented ... i knew it was  leading up to it. but not that fast..

i dont like fragmenting... im always fighting beside myself trying to gain control..

im always on the other side of the mirror. wanting to slice ,to let my anger take over

letting my  tears fall  only to leave trails down my skin like  slivers of pain

 it took most of the day but then slowly i came back..

and that i was thankful to have curtis strong warm arms to keep me safe

as his colors began  to move  into swirling trails of comfort, to surround me


 later in the night  i got myself a  new haircolor to show that i wont be drug down

and its bright bold and brassy like me

so heres a picture of us to show yes im alive and still kicking ^_^


I don't think I ever posted this picture anywhere before
But I do think it is my favorite one of me ever. That is, besides some favorites from when I was a small child. It's one of the only pictures I look at of myself and think, "that's me". Everything about it... I remember being small, and even today, and I imagine myself at my best, at my happiest and truest place of being "me" and this is who I imagine. It's cool to have had it captured in a photo.



Jelly Surf
AJelly Surfer.JPG hosted for free by ImageShack

This photo was taken exactly 12 months ago. The little blue (giggle) blob on the sand is a Jelly fish we came across while walking along the beach in Twin Waters.  I like this photo because of the surfer in the background. I had to take a few shots to capture the image because the surfer kept disappearing.


*click on the image to see it in full size* 



Test picture
IMAGE_00025.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack

With one post, I get to test both 1) my new camera phone and 2) mindsay's newest feature under construction - image uploading =)

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