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I Feel like India, Circa 1947
My classroom is about to be ripped apart, literally.  I honestly feel like it's the Partition in India...minus the whole 'violence-death-religious issues' thing.

Paula (and Stacey) are going to start working with T, Kathleen's being pulled to the other program that is SO UNDERSTAFFED to work with Li again.  Except, now she's really happy working with T and being on my staff and doesn't want to do that anymore.  I feel so bad for her.

Oh, and most of the rest of my staff are miserable because they've just been alerted that we're going to be doing staff switching.  I've been trying to organize that since September so everyone gets a break from their kids and don't burn out, but it's finally going to happen, and let's just say... no one really likes change.  So basically, I HAVE to do this, especially since Susan is struggling (lost 2 staff, 1 is on medical leave, another is out sick at least once a week...) so badly, but I feel like even though it's not my fault or call, I'm the asshole.  I feel like everyone's mad at me.

Timing - It's Everything
If my group and I would hav finished working on our project on time today (4.5 hours inside the library, I HATED it), we wouldn't have been starving and Mike wouldn't have offered to try to buy me a meal at the Kosher Caf. 

If we hadn't had to wait to turn the laptop back in, we wouldn't have gotten to Weinstein the precise moment that Louis was leaving, and he wouldn't have said, "Hey, Emily". (awww, he's a grown up nowwww). I also wouldn't have gotten to see Nina for the first time in 4 weeks or so.

If I hadn't left Weinstein empty handed, I wouldn't have been able to go to the printing lab to print out my student teaching final (TWENTY-SIX PAGES.  SIZE 9 FONT).

If I hadn't left the lab starving and in need of getting Wendy's french fries (damn cravings), I wouldn't have had to wait on that giant line, and I wouldn't have gotten to hear the woman online behind me complain that her arm hurt from 'Guitar Hero'.  Who does that?

If I hadn't stayed on the giant line before rushing to the supermarket to get some last minute things, I wouldn't have run into Richa and Rachana in the dairy aisle and I wouldn't have known that after the impending wedding, Julie and Jonathan are moving TO INDIA for 2 years to teach there.

If I hadn't ended the conversation with Richa and her mom and gotten online to pay and leave at the moment I did, I wouldn't have been crossing the street to get home and hear, "Oh My G-d, Emily?!?!" and gotten to see Heather on the street.  And I am very glad indeed I got to see Heather.

All-in-all, good day.

How much is it really, to blog in MindSay?
Check out this unofficial TV advertisement for MindSay in India:


How much is it to blog in MindSay?


My pastor, R.C. Sandifer, is on a missions trip to India this month. Please, pray for him.

Lots happening here. Watch for coming next week.

Also, coming next week.

I've been working on my web page  because the shopping network is going to connect to mine.

Have a blessed weekend!


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