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Harry Potter = TONIGHT!!!

I'm at my cousin's house.  We're going to the Midnight release party at Border's in San Antonio for HBP, wooT, Woot. 

I <3 HP.


"What it is" my Ass

I didn't update yesterday, for no particular reason except I guess that Sammy was looking over my sholder all day.

(*Note: Victoria: don't read. Involves you-know-what. Just trust me.)

I don't have much to say anyway.  We went to Enchanted Rock, ( and climbed it today, but I ended up getting really sick for some reason.  It was not a very pleasant trip.  And I woke up at 7 am, which, as far as I'm concerned, is an un-Godly hour for the summer time.  We drove the 30 mile windy path and then climbed, I started feeling sick at about 3/4 of the way up and thought "I could still be in bed sleeping right now."  Everything pretty much went downhill from there.  Uh, no pun intended.  Coming down the rock/hill/mountian I started to feel really sick and coming back was torture.  I kept my jaw clenched and tried to concentrate on the road. I did pretty well and thought I was feeling better, so I got out of the car and slowly came in, and proceeded to go straight to the bathroom and throw up my breakfast.  What a morning. I slept all afternoon though, and I feel much better now.

(* Vic you can start reading again here. It's safe.)

I've started in on the 5th Harry Potter because I've been carrying it around with me all summer and haven't re-read it yet, and I needed something to read.  I don't think I'll finish it before the 6th one comes out (which is soooo soon), but it's entertaining me for the time being. 

Have I mentioned that I absolutely cannot wait until Derek gets here?  I talked to him for a little over two hours last night (Eee, the phone bill is going to be horrible) and it was so wonderful.  I miss him terribly...I sure am fond of that kid.  <3

In other news, my little cousin Sam that's been staying here with me since I got here and he's leaving tomorrow morning.  Basically, Courtney = mas aburrido until HP and then Dad and Derek.  But Aubrey will be back from church camp at Mo on Thrusday, so at least there will be someone here.  Then Friday night I'm going to San Antonio with Sam and my Aunt Brooks to a HP -HBP midnight release party, because I am a complete and total dork. 

I guess I'll stop talking now.



I don't care how you get to me, just get to me.

18 days until Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

23 days until I get to see Derek!

25 days  until my one year anniversary!!!


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