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Public Transportation. IWISH.
I already HATE my 18 mile commute (that's one direction).

How much more am I going to hate it with the driver side door (you know, the one that I sit next to as I drive the car?) is kind of NOT STAYING CLOSED? Like, shut it, and it pops back open?  I'm afraid tomorrow we shall find out :(

I guess this is a funny/ironic change from the usual problem, which is the door freezes shut/refuses to open.  But really, it just makes me sad and scared and nervous and wishing I had ANY kind of spare money to start putting towards a car where the doors did normal things, like open and close when I want them to.
BUTOHWAIT, I teach public school in crappy Massachusetts.  I am half a step above foodstamps, and will soon be job-hunting again. 

2012, you need to start doing better.  Already I have to have firm words with you? NOT a good omen!

no car, low money, ill father
Only because it will cost about $5K to get it road ready here in NY after we used a whole paycheck to register it. How we couldn't find that out BEFORE we wasted the money to do it is beyond me. I am praying for a miracle, for sure. Right now I have to rely on the kindness of the church to get around. SOOOO The church vans it is. 

It wouldn't bother me so much, except that my father is ill and I can't get to Jersey to be with him. Apparently, the next step for him is a nursing home. I can't tell you how angry I am at the situation. It would take too long to voice exactly what I am mad at and why. I just keep praying for peace and the grace to keep my mouth shut.

Money is tight. We are living on a thin, frayed string. 

This is my verse for the day, thank You Jesus:

Psalm 86:16 Turn to me and have mercy on me; 
   show your strength in behalf of your servant; 
save me, because I serve you 
   just as my mother did. 
17 Give me a sign of your goodness, 
   that my enemies may see it and be put to shame, 
   for you, LORD, have helped me and comforted me.


I got my car back!
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After two weeks of waiting for my car to get fixed, I finally got it back today. It costed me a little over $4,500 to get my transmission replaced, clutch changed, and more. Not to mention, within 30 days ago, I had to spend a little under $400 for brakes (all four discs), $1088 on a whole new A/C compressor set and installation... what next!

So far:
- The gears are all very well synchronized. I heard a rumor (and saw a little trash paper) that states; my new transmission came from a 2010 Civic Si. Mine is a 2008. Good news!
- The clutch is very light. It will take time for me to get used to. But it feels brand new.
- My car was detailed; under the hood, inside the car, in the trunk, my tires, and supposedly the exterior of the car (on which, the dealership did a horrible job on detailing).
- The dealership held my old transmission parts somewhere at the back. And supposedly, they were gonna send it somewhere for re-building, after I told those idiots that I wanted them back. So tomorrow, I will be picking them up at no charge. "Core charge" my ass!
- I almost couldn't find a container full of coins. But the people who detailed my car found it at the area where they detailed my car.
- When I got home, I discovered that I AM MISSING a WHOLE SPINDLE of MP3 CD's!!! WTF!!!

I'm gonna contact the Better Business Bureau. And if that fails, I have a blog and I'm NOT afraid to use it!

It's on the road and so are we
SO We were able to finally get our Mercury on the road. WOOT! I kind of missed that car. It has brand new tires, but it's SO low to the ground compared to the truck. I feel like I am driving on the ground. With all the pot holes, it's almost like you are driving the Grand Canyon. Nevertheless, it is a blessing that it works. It uses way less gas and will be a huge asset as we travel throughout the boroughs of NY.

Speaking of Mercury, they say you can see it more clearly in the sky right now.

We have a busy busy weekend/week ahead of us. Today is church, tomorrow the Poconos, Sunday church, then the whole week house/teenager sitting for a friend and back to church on Friday and Sunday again next weekend.

10-26-08 - Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jigg.
Well, we have arrived home. Our official arrival time was 4:45pm, so I'm fairly certain someone was speeding a LOT!

I slept most of the way home, except when directions were needed and when we stoped for food. Since I got so nauseated on the way down, I'm glad I missed most of the trip back, but even when we were about 10 miles from home I still kept nodding off. I don't know if I just am drained from a stressful weekend and need some sleep in my own bed? or if it is something more worrisome to go along with this wracking cough I can't seem to kick. My throat is uber sore mostly from the couging and my head is all stuffy no matter how much sudafed I take.

MAN my house is COLD!!!!!

we bumped the thermostat up when we got home, but it was almost down to 50 degrees farenheit. We have base board heating so it will take a bit. It's only upto 60 after an hour...blah...

The baby is eating her dinner and watching the dumbest show in the history of children's programming....."Yo Gabba Gabba."

I think this is the first full meal she has eaten since we left home....

Speaking of the baby....she was teething hardcore on thurs and fri and sat.....because she is getting her first set of molars in. She skipped the teeth between the front 4 and the molar

I stuck my finger in to put orajel on her TOP gums as her canines are also coming in, and she chiomped down on my finger and I said...."hey! where did THOSE teeth come from?!" We have dosed her a little more regularly with motrin since then...
Considering how much those 4 teeth coming in all at once has to hurt, she has been a perfect baby. Only mildly irritated.

Cookie went to get his doggie from his friend's house, and should be home soon to help bathe the baby and put on WARM jammies and all pass out!

I'm going to go find the space heater.....later!

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