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There is no other way.
This week has been somewhat.. hmm.. different.

Monday was Memorial Day, and my roommate was military, so I mowed the front and backyard, since they hadn't been mowed since before I went to jail. He appreciated it, so that was good. After that I moved stuff around my room and started making piles of things I can sell and rid myself of. I am trying to consolidate my possessions as much as possible, not just for the Adventure, but just because whenever I've moved, it's been in a rush, so I ended up with lots of boxes with lots of random things. Monday I didn't want to go to sleep, but managed a couple hours.

Tuesday I went to work, two hours late, but I was there. They said they were happy to have me back and really appreciate the work I do, it wasn't something I was used to hearing after being gone for majority of a week, but felt good. After work I decided to catch up on the electronics that needed repairs, so I took apart my grandma's computer, my coworker's iPad 2 and one of my laptops. I couldn't sleep, so I didn't.

Wednesday I got to work on time and it felt like the never ending day, it just moved so slow.. And when I got home I arrived to my roommate and his brother, and one of their friends playing a board game. From there the night spawned into drinking, a campfire and smores. And that board game until about 3am, resulting in me going to sleep around 5am, when I was supposed to get up for work. Ria couldn't get a hold of me, so she drove out to my house to try to get me up for work, but I was still intoxicated and incredibly tired from not having slept in two days, so I resigned myself to staying home. She wasn't too happy about that, and she text me about an hour ago when I asked how work was going. She said fine, and I'm mad at you right now. At least she's blunt about it, which is good, because if you're not blunt, I typically won't care as much.

Anyway, this week has just kind of been there, nothing too special, nothing too great in particular. A boss/work contact is going to take me to lunch on Friday, not sure why, something about them appreciating my hard work or something. Her name is Michelle, the work contact I mentioned in my post about jail, she's cute. 

Layna, my ex roommate, has also been talking with me more lately, trying to get things situated with the money she owes me. Apparently she's going to give me $250 and a Chevy Beretta Z26 that I can do with what I please. Hopefully the money will be to me tonight and the car will follow this weekend.

This weekend I will also be collecting money from James, my old boss at the tattoo shop. We'll be scheduling my chest piece as well, finally getting that finished.

Aside from this all going on, I've also been talking with Kait, this cute girl I met from working at a mutual job a few years back. She has a computer with a bum touch screen and she wants a little ampersand tattoo, so we've been discussing that.

And on the discussion of tattooing, I may have found a new shop to work at, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I showed my incomplete portfolio to Kelly, husband to Susie, who was one of the first people that would teach me about tattooing whenever I visited their shop. He was looking at my portfolio and said I have really great art and I have a good foundation with my tattooing and to swing by in a week or so, and we'd talk more about an apprenticeship. I would love to work there and apprentice under him, back when I first got into this I wanted that to happen but felt like I was too new, but it would appear the year has been a good one in my work, so I may be there soon.

If that's the case, I may wait until Spring to go on my Adventure, seeing as how the shop is in Salt Lake City, and I'll probably move there, then I'll be stuck with a lease, etc. This would be a worthwhile reason to stay a while longer however, and I like that I'm making the choice based on what can help vs say meeting someone new, like I have occasionally done in the past.

Anyway, going to get to work with finishing up my room and then these string garland lights I'd been working on, I think I want to hurry up and get them to Savanah so they aren't just sitting in the kitchen anymore.

Later days,


PS, since mowing the lawn, my allergies have been killing me... I even resorted to stuffing stuffing stuff up my nose at work to keep from running lol. And on the note of running, I grabbed my shoes out of my Datsun that's sitting at my parent's house, so I'll be getting back into that before too long. :)

Need to amp it up
Been thinking about the need to amp up advertising for our ministry. I could get more cards and things like that, but it isn't completely conducive to what I need. I am forever looking at business printing services and pricing to see if we can get flyers or club cards done in a reasonable fashion. Technically, I could do it myself, even tho it would take a while. I did our flyers myself... but I only printed like 50 of them on our all in one at the apartment. Soon, I will be able to figure out what it is I completely want and get it done.

Two Americas
John Edwards did have one thing right: there are "two Americas."  The wealthy few, and the not-so-wealthy others.  Edwards obviously belonged to the former; most of us the latter.  He made his money being a tort lawyer.  Bully for him.
For whatever reason, many in the not-so-wealthy camp have developed an attitude about the wealthy: They accumulated their wealth at the expense of others, as if to say that there's this huge pie, see, and we all eat from this one shared pie.  Some have big mouths and can eat large chunks of it, leaving the rest of us fighting for the scraps.  Greedy rich corporations have made our lives miserable.
And were that an accurate picture of economic realities, I could join their complaint.  But it's not:  
When I graduated from college in 1972 (do the math), a lot of things that are commonplace today hadn't been invented or developed yet.  Bill Gates, a smart but ordinary guy, hadn't yet entered Harvard (to drop out later), eBay was years away, the ink on the college school paper that was the source for something called FedEx was still drying, Apple was the Beatles recording company, and math students used slide rules to do calculations (look them up).  TV was three networks: CBS, ABC and NBC.  The internet was years in the future (ARPANET, the military network that was the forerunner of the WWW, was just getting off the ground).  Intel?  That was short for "intelligence", as in spies.  In short, a whole universe of invention lay ahead, and with it the wealth that it brought to millions of people.
How many, who are millionaires and billionaires today through the tech revolution, were otherwise destined to a government desk job, working for the power company, buying a Dunkin Donuts franchise, or selling tires at Sears?  
Have you ever pictured, for example, an alternate universe--that could very well have come into existence--where you might have walked into a 7-Eleven, and there behind the counter, giving out change for a five, is some chubby dude named Steve Wozniak.  You buy a Butterfingers and a Coke, pay him little mind, and go your way.  Just some night clerk.
But that's not what happened.  Woz and his friend, Steve Jobs, put their heads together in a garage and made a lot of people rich--themselves included.
Now, should all the people who have been able to have jobs because of these two guys be resentful for the careers they've had?  Is it true that the founders of Apple Computer got rich on the backs of the poor?  Did the lot of the average middle class person suffer because these fellows made it big?  Is the economic pie bigger, smaller, or the same because Apple Computer came into existence?  Would the world be more "fair" if iPods or iMacs didn't exist, and Jobs and Woz had delivered pizzas instead?
Clearly, people becoming rich tend to make the pie bigger, making poor and middle class people better off because of the collateral benefits that accrue.  Those folks who have homes, cars, clothes, and careers today because Apple exists would have been without those things had Woz got hired by 7-Eleven.
So the next time you decide greedy corporations need to be brought down a peg or three, be thankful for them.  You could be selling candy bars and beer to strangers.

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You have been given by your superiors to decide what to do to improve your sales and reverse the trend favorable to the business. Your superiors gave you a chance to show your talent. They trusted you all the way giving you a free hand the kind of  strategies you will make to win the pulse of the consumers. Whatever the outcome of your actions will depend on the worthiness of your decision.

Making decision will put you to the test. It has a great impact to your life. It changes your life to a place more secured, abundance and plenty. Only two things will happen to you, either you will succeed or in failure.

Making decisions is not new to us. In a family, there's always a decision to make by everybody, a decision the way you dress, where to go, what meals to prepare, when to sleep and wake up and more. Any small details in life needs decision, agreement and execution. Decision is responsibility to solve the problem faced at hand by looking for ways most effective and appropriate to dispatch in an immediate fashion.

Decision is between life and death. It has risk if it does not bring good result. Failure in making good decision can lead to your downfall, it may change your fortune. There were many rich people that became penniless because of an ineffective decision. A threat to the business and to your own investment. A wrong choice is not an excuse that no one is perfect. This dilemma had a greater impact in your life if it does not turn out well.

Making decision has its own uncertainties, maybe contrary to your belief. In order to move forward, a decision has to be made no matter what the outcomes will be and no matter what it cost to you.

Making decision has its own sequence of event in food production, when to plant, what is the ideal season and location, when to harvest and do the marketing. Each second we play, we make our decision based on the question of when, where, whom, and how. This is the controller of our every action.

Making decision is the hardest effort to make. It can even cause the lives of everybody out from the wrong choice. Many of us are making different options. Due to the many choices to select, it gets us confused which of this option is the best. It lead us to indecision which is the best way to go.

You don't have to aim for the perfectness of your decision. Trust your instinct. Decide to those that give you peace of mind, comfort and most appropriate. In deciding, do a comparison of its effectiveness, its advantages and to those that are not. Then do the process of elimination and selection you believe a good one. Don't depend on other people's choice but it helps to guide you the most preferable and reasonable one. Remember, your life and the life of your family, friends and others is at your hand here. Don't make a rush and abrupt decision. Allow more time for your mind to wander. Think it thoroughly and wisely.

Ask direction from Above to enlighten you and see the clearness of your mind in making a choice. Don't be clouded in deciding because of your fears. You can overcome them if you have the will and the heart to make a correct decision.

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