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Culturally, Ethnically, Religously and Politically Correct Cartoon...?
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I don't doubt that after seeing the image post above, the following cartoon is gonna happen, somewhere, in Mindsay, among all places:


A Videoblog Post from Me, Dedicated to MindSay!
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Hey MindSay,

I recorded a video for you. It's a video of me, playing the guitar and trying singing a song. It's a cover song, just for you.

This video shall remind me of the reason as to why I don't sing. I can't....


...And My MindSay Blog Turns 5 YEARS OLD!!!
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Today is my MindSay blog's Five (5) Year Blogoversary!!!

A few random facts about my blog that I want to mention while I'm at it:

Here's my first MindSay blog entry, back when MindSay was a Livejournal clone:
1. (no subject) - September 22, 2003
But the weird thing about my blog is: This blog also holds "The Oldest Blog Entry" in MindSay's History (and also the only entry posted in before the idea for a blogging service called was even conceived.) Strange? Glitch? Kudos to whoever figures this one out.
0. I think of how I shot myself in the back again... - November 16, 2001
My One Year Blogoversary, I wasn't exactly active in MindSay.

From April 26, 2005 to April 30, 2006, I blogged in MindSay for 365 370 Consecutive Days. This is when my blog went "viral" for a while. When that entry was posted, it became my 1000th post.

My Two Year Blogoversary, I posted a quick mention of it due to Hurricane Rita.

Little do many of you MindSayers remember that during (and in between) those 370 Consecutive Days of blogging in MindSay, I also volunteered to be The Operator of the "Topbloggers Archive Blog" from September 30, 2005 to December 31, 2005. Also, I came back to help out The Anonymous Topbloggers founder July 21-22, 2006, up until THE NEW Top Blogs Interface was installed, August 14, 2006.
BTW, for some unknown reason, The Anonymous Topbloggers founder, "Nonni" took me off her network. Because of that, I will reveal "Nonni" identity in this entry, if this entry gets more than 20 votes in Top Blogs.
My Three Year Blogoversary in MindSay, I was pretty much A.W.O.L from my MindSay Blog.  There were no mentions of this event.

My Four Year Blogoversary in MindSay, was a part of the "The Return of Sir Raw Jah" project.  I do remember mentioning this entry with the infamous line:
"Four years, and I feel like I'm just barely getting started."
My Blog, as it stands today:

Many of you know that I kinda drifted away from MindSay after updating it for 370 Consecutive Days. But on August 1, 2007, I attempted to update my blog again, everyday, for at least 366 days. 

To date, I have updated my blog for 419 days (and counting).  Not even the one week power outage in my town caused by Hurricane Ike stopped me!!!


I wonder how long I can keep this up.... *cheers*


Creating blogs, making money
That's what I do. It's what I have been doing for more than two years. I don't usually make blogs just to make money, it just happened to be something that came down the pike for me. I was just looking at a place where you can Create Blogs and do that and then some. You expand your blog brand with their networking system. They have forums, unlimited bandwith, video hosting, and photo hosting. I am rather impressed with their simple layout and ease of use. I am also surprised that they don't put limits on what you do there.

It is a similar system to this one, excepting that it's easier to network. I would say that anyone who is not just blogging for fun would benefit from the Thoughts system if they are really into getting their name known as a blogger. The largest amount of recognition comes from traffic and people spreading your name through "word of blog" as well as word of mouth. It's a do it all system for newbies who don't know a lot about networking or marketing, and an easy ready made system for those who consider it old hat. If you decide to go over and get yourself started, invite your friends to join in. Hey, if you ask me, you can never have too many blogs *grin*.

The Old MindSay Quick Update (part 1): Revamp it!
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The MindSay Quick Update: One of MindSay's most forgotten (and nonetheless, somewhat useless) feature MindSay ever came up with since MindSayBot.

Something needs to be done about MindSay's Quick Update feature. There are so much more present participle verbs that can be more useful than "feeling", "thinking", "doing", "watching", "listening to" and definitely "selecting". Don't get me wrong, I can be a heavy user of "watching" or "listening to", since they are the most flexible "quick update" verbs. But come on, "selecting"? That last line in the drop down selection has been changed so many different times, I don't even remember what they had on there in the past.

Before I start this fiasco, wouldn't this Quick Update feature be more usefull if it had a custom "verb to be" and "present participle" option availble in it? What this means is, wouldn't it be great if we can have this feature:

I   am, was, will be          custom                                          (.)(...)(?)(!)(^_^)( o)( o)
And if there's ONE main thing I could ask for about MindSay's Quick Update feature, it would be the ability for that feature to be able to update our calendar plugins.

First of all, does it have to be a present participle? Does the verb have to end in -ing? Remove the verb to be from it and I can certainly use "I felt" or "I thought" or "I will be listening to". The Quick Update feature would be an awesome feature if it was so much more flexible after the "I". You know why? It is because after "I", sometimes, I would rather use a past tense or a future tense for the "verb to be".

Wait, wait... To be continued (w00t Kari Sweet!)

Wanna Save?
Let's Save, Kupo!

Next on Part 2:

On the next entry, WE will play with what we can do with the Quick Update feature, if it would let us change the "verb to be" to past tense or future tense (considering that we're going to leave the present participle alone):
I am "feeling", "thinking", "doing", "watching", "listening to" and definitely "selecting"
I was "feeling", "thinking", "doing", "watching", "listening to" and definitely "selecting"
I will be "feeling", "thinking", "doing", "watching", "listening to" and definitely "selecting"
Input your thoughts in the comments and the destiny of the MindSay Quick Update parts 2, 3 and 4 might change. An actual change would have to be in the hands of the MindSay Administration team, who never listens.


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