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Just when you think it can't get any better, it does.

Very nearly kissed Amanda last night but I held off.  Yes, she gave me a couple of chances but she's just too special to have a first kiss with in a parking lot outside of a movie theater.  Either way, it seems that my missed opportunities did not go down as a bad thing.  But I'm going for it tonight!  We are going downtown and I'm hoping to take it to the next level at some "romantically-opportune" moment.  If I'm reading things correctly (and I've been right about things more than once so far), we're at the cusp of this relationship becoming official.  I guess one of the big reasons why I've been waiting for the bottom to fall out (And yes, I'm giving up on my anticipatory nature concerning things not going well.  They are going well.  Nothing's hidden, I shouldn't be worried at this point) is because everything is almost fairytale perfect.  It's just... for so long I've had to work really hard at getting into a relationship, much less a date.  I feel so rusty!  It's fucking 8th grade all over again :)


Is fucking amazing.  Seriously.  I mean, it's not Fritz Lang's M amazing or really even an important, landmark film but it's just so very well done it's hard not to commend it.  What's so great about it?  It's "deceptively simple" at the surface level.  But the more you dig, the more you find and the more the film becomes intriguing.  But the genius thing about it?  You don't have to dig to understand the movie.  It accomplishes in one 2.5 hour film what the Matrix could not in 3 two hour films.  Complex simplicity.  I'm not saying The Matrix trilogy isn't a great series of films.  I'm just saying that they kept adding more and more onto The Matrix.  Not a bad thing, necessarily, but it became a movie hard for the average person to really grasp (Ironically enough, an "architect" is a shared idea in both films).  The Architect, The Oracle, Neo being "The One."  It was amazing at what it was: A wonderfully complex thriller about the difference between human free will and mechanically-influenced control.



Inception is easy enough to grasp for the average person.  When you don't think about it (Unfortunately, that smarmy Christopher Nolan makes you think about it with that gosh darn twist at the end!).  At face-value, it's a film about a man filled with regret trying to make amends with himself and his country so that he can go back home and see his children.  He does so by doing what he does best: Extraction and (the seemingly impossible) inception.  They enter the dreams of a man standing to inherit his father's "kingdom" so that they can, without detection, implant a foreign idea and let it grow naturally within the dreamer's mind so that it seems as if it was the dreamer's idea all along.  They are successful, Leo gets to go back home to America and finally see his children.  And at this level?  It's an amazing movie.  But then you dig deeper.  When Leo spins the metal top at the end to show himself whether it's a dream or reality, the shot cuts out before we see the top fall or keep spinning (for those following that haven't seen the movie [how dare you!], Leo spins a metal top to see if it falls.  If it falls, he's in real life, since he alone knows the physics and weight of the top.  If it stays spinning, he knows it's still a dream).  But here's where it gets tricky (Nolan, you ass).  So there are a few points I'd like to share:
  • When Cobb enters the sleep-den, he samples the drug.  He seems to reawaken but before he can use his totem, the top falls off of the sink and he is interrupted by Saito.  We never again see the top spin and fall (I'm 99% sure about this, please correct me if I'm wrong).  This indicates that the movie was just a multi-layer dream, starting from that point onward.
  • His children don't age, even though he has been gone for at least 6 months.  They are also wearing either very similar or the same clothing as in the "departure from home" scene.  This indicates that all of these events took place in Cobb's mind the whole time.
  • None of the characters have any back story except for Cobb and Mal.  This indicates, again, that it was Cobb's dream the whole time.
  • I do not think it was a dream from the beginning of the movie.  Why?  Small details.  Inside of Cobb's dreams, his subconscious regrets materialize in various ways.  The broken wine glass for instance.  It seems to ring endlessly inside his dreams.  But when Cobb recounts the story of Mal's death to Ariadne, we see him step on the wineglass.  It clinks and breaks but does not ring on endlessly, connecting the events to reality.
  • And my final point: That this film pretty much proves Nolan to be one of the most inventive, thought-provoking, and moving film directors in the past 30 years.
I would absolutely LOVE to hear your theories on this.

Oh, and wish me good luck tonight.  I'm hoping to come back knowing what flavor lip gloss she wears :)

Wedding Pictures Sneak Peek!
D1.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack D2.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack D4.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack D5.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack D7.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack D8.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack promised :)

I've been watching "Cosmos".  Its some pretty awesome stuff.  I love space and the stars and learning.  Yea, i'm a nerd.  A geek as well. 



Got me tickets. ^^

are we? we are.

first, i'd like to apoligize for abandoning mindsay for so long. shit happens, and i'm sorry.


now for the real shit: 21st Century Breakdown, the new Green Day album.

since american idiot, i've had some time to cool down and become less freaky-obsessed with the band. i thought it was a phase and i was over it. BUT NO! with the new album coming out soon (SOMETIME IN MAY!!!!) i'm back to being a super freak about them. they are, and i expect always will be, my favorite band and my longest-lived obsession. i've been job searching just so i will for sure have enough to go to their next concert near me. no one i know is nearly as fucking excited as i am. i WILL camp outside any store i know will have it. i've read every piece of media concerning it and i've got high expectations. excitement doesn't even begin to cover this...


for more info, click this shit:


to pre-order, click this:


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