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I started a group of friends to learn ASL together.

It’s been so fun so far.

I’m sort of the leader of the group, so I’ve been the one to come up with what we’re learning, what we should focus on, etc.

It’s been really good for me as far as pushing me to learn and master signs.

Now if I could just learn and master the grammar. ASL grammar is super hard for me. But I’m getting there.

I wish I could start a new blog to keep up with my progress, and share with the group. I may end up doing that. It’d be interesting to keep track of new words and phrases and concepts learned and when I finally get the hang of certain concepts. Also good to remember what I’ve done and see how much progress I’ve made so I don’t get frustrated and give up. I could make video blogs in ASL with captions and text explaining concepts, photos of difficult-to-me hand shapes, etc. For French, text blogs, videos speaking, and translating paragraphs and songs would be awesome. Even singing my favorite songs in French or interpreting into ASL would be so cool. I think I might try to get this set up. It’d be neat to Future-Me.


ASL and French are such beautiful languages to me and I hope one day I’m completely fluent in both. ^_^





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