Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance. We are stricken by no plague of locusts.


How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"
After reading an article in Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel over the weekend, I came across a phenomenon causing people to get into violent fights at bars called "Mean Mugging" -- where someone gives you an intense intimidating, threatening stare.  To those who are not trained or educated in the occult arts, someone staring at you can seem innocent or can easily be ignored, but it is the intent behind the stare that can be a culprit of various ills and the cause of calamities for those who are being stared at.  In the case of a recent homicide in Milwaukee on August 19th, the ones who did the "mean mugging" got shot by someone who was clearly not going to take the treatment lying down.  To one, like I, a witch, I know the power of a misaligned stare known as Malocchio (Ma-lock-ee-oh), "The Evil Eye" and have been taught how to detect and remove it.  Disbelievers may scoff and skeptics may giggle, you still cannot deny that the violent intentions of others are a force to be reckoned with and doing a little magick to combat it can't hurt.

Malocchio can sometimes be sent on you unintentionally by someone angry at you or who envies your position of power.  Basically, anyone with evil intentions can "curse" you without meaning to, and this includes yourself.  How often have you wished one of your co-workers would just get canned or dreamt of an ex-boyfriend dropping dead?  Your thoughts can carry weight and send you evil back, too, if you don't watch it.  In Italian Witchcraft, the Strega (witch) is taught how to both curse and bless and must be on guard at all times not to unintentionally cause harm to another with evil wishes.  This may seem strange, but in order to exorcise the intentional and unintentional curses of others, you must know how the curse works first.

If you seem to be suffering from sudden bad luck, find yourself in frequent accidents, and have an unexplained intense headache where the pain is stemming from the middle of your forehead and is combined with dizzyness, nausea, fever, and extreme fatigue, you may be suffering under the evil thoughts of others.  However it is best to first consider that these symptoms may just be the result of physical disturbances that go with ill health, so go see a doctor.  If the doctor cannot tell you what is causing your ailment, chances are you may be stricken by Malocchio.

How to detect Malocchio:  

1.   Fill a bowl with spring water and drop three drops of olive oil into the water.  Make sure that each drop of olive oil follows right after the other. 

2.  If the olive oil drops stay together and remain as circles, no "evil eye" is present.  If the drops spread out or break, you are infected with Malocchio.

How to remove Malocchio:

1.  Take two sewing needles and stick one sharp point into the other's eye while chanting the following:

"mmidia e malocchio
curnucille all`occhio
crepa l`ammidia e scoppia lu malocchio
n' nome di Di e d' Santa Mari
lu malocchio se n' pozza ye.
Lunedi Santo, Martedi Santo, Mercoledi Santo,Giovedi Santo, Venerdi
Santo, Sabato Santo, e Domenica di Pasqua, lu malocchio crepa!"

A very loose English translation (my Italian is poor, so forgive me!):

"Eye to evil eye, eye stabs evil eye, evil eye bursts and leaks,

in the name of Saint Mary, evil eye shall pool and bleed.

Each day for every day thy power will weaken;

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the Sunday of Passover, evil eye leak!"

2. Next drop the needles into the water and sprinkle three dashes of consecrated (blessed) salt over the needles.

3.  Take a scissors and cut the air over the water three times.

This should effectively break the curse.  However, if you don't want to continuously do this ritual and seek more lasting charms against it, there are many amulets on the market today that are effective wards against the evil eye.  I've met some Italians who wear crosses and golden rings with an endlessly staring eye in the center.  These objects are usually blessed with holy water by a Catholic priest or an elder in the family prays over it to empower it with holy intentions.  Another symbol is an open hand with an eye in the middle.  In Turkey people make beautiful blue glass beads with eyes that are also made to cast off the evil eye.  

In Witchcraft there is also a hand gesture that can ward off the evil eye.  Many of you may recognize it as the "Devil's Horns" hand sign that for ages many believe is a sign of Satan.  But, no ho ho ho!  It's a lucky sign that wards off all sorts of nasty evil eyes.  Called the Mano Cornuto, "the Horned Hand" (mano means "Hand" and corno means "Horn") it is an ancient symbol of protection.  The two fingers pointing upward or outward stab at the evil eyes of others. It is made by making a fist and extending the (The finger next to the thumb) index finger and the (The finger farthest from the thumb) pinky, . This is not to be confused with , the American Sign language "I Love You" sign made by extending the thumb. Here are variations of the Mano Cornuto: 
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Other cures to ward off the evil eye is to wear blue and green, paint images of open eyes on your boat or car, wear a red ribbon hidden underneath your clothing, and just make that "Devil's Horns" sign and aim it (if you guess or know who is casting an evil eye on you, without them knowing you're doing this of course) at someone who is cursing you.  If anything, it should scare off some crazy supersititious people who mean you harm anyway!

You might also find it funny to see just how many public figures are giving that Mano Cornuto to people these days... You can't tell me that even someone like George W. Bush doesn't have a witchy counselor convincing him to give the "Devil's hand sign" to ward off evil!




parity on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"
What a fascinating entry, and a lot of Christians do believe in curses even generational ones and breaking those links with prayer. Oh and I love the new layout, very cool indeed.
valentinaxxx on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

Prayer is definitely also a very strong way to rid one's self of a curse.  Even thinking you are cursed can be a curse in itself, but it's my experience that very few people are intentionally cursed by someone else.  In any case, I thought it important to point out!

Thanks for compliments on the new layout.  I tend to change my look every now and then and wanted this time to focus on the spiritual.


egseah on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

Very cool entry! Quite fascinating, I love this stuff. And I had to laugh to see "strega" used as a tag.

I am also laughing this morning because I am now realizing how tired I was when I first quickly skimmed over this last night. I was totally not thinking jabbing the point of one needle into the eye of the other needle...I was thinking oh, ok, find the other person who put the evil eye on you and jab that person in the eye! I just nodded sleepily and went to bed, thinking yeah, that makes sense. Good thing I wasn't planning to actually use this.

valentinaxxx on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

Yeah, I am a strega!  It's the Italian word for "witch."  But, yes, it is cool to use it as a tag finally.

That's really funny that you took that literally.  That's exactly how a spell works; an extreme amount of intense visualization.  Witches go into a trace or alpha state of consciousness when working a spell and it does feel like almost falling asleep or the drowsiness you get when you're very tired.  For some reason that's when dreams are most potent and meaningful.  But glad you didn't actually go out and stab anyone in the eye!

hee hee!


egseah on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

Heh...I've always heard "strega" in a less positive way...Robert's friend who was born in Italy taught us this word among other gems. It's cool to see it in a different context!

valentinaxxx on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

Yeah, it's one of those words that's making a more "tame" and respectible comeback, just like the english word "Witch" is, too.  But, yes, I have heard it in a less favorable terms!


vincarde on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"
After stumbling upon this article by accideant i would just like to say this.  I am of italian background, and most of what youre saying is true. HOWEVER. If you knew anything about this at all you would know that the rhyme that u had in the text must be learnt on a certain night of the year, must be taught be a certain person, and to learn it before that night will not allow you to learn it ever again.  In any case , if you already knew what i just told you, you are very stupid to have posted this, if you didnt already know, then bad luck for you, coz the malocchio isnt actually going to work for you. Also, if you didnt already know this, then you probably arent italian, and i wonder what italian person in their right mind would have told you all this info....

good day
valentinaxxx on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

You found this on accident?  How did you come across it?  Just curious.


In this post I was just generalizing things.  I could've gone into greater depth/details but I was just addressing the subject matter and dealing with it on a layperson's terms.  Sure I could've gone into the ENTIRE traditional rite and spelled out how to repeat/recite the rhyme, given clues as to who to approuch for instruction, and wrote down what some people teach that can't be learnt again.  I am fully aware that there are Italian families who have their own ways of doing and teaching things and perhaps what I was taught was only just one way, but it has been a way that has worked time and time again for me and for the family who taught me it.  I've heard and read of many different ways of expelling the Malocchio as well as ways to cast the Malocchio on someone.  I'm just talking about the way I was taught how to do it and comparing it with some other forms that have been recorded that supposedly work.  Of course I didn't give everything away because there's only so much you can demonstrate in a blog, but you get the idea.  If I were to sit down and talk about it, I'd only do it at a certain time under the right circumstances with the right people, but even then, to some people/families I'd still be incomplete or be under criticism because everyone who is taught this is taught to consider it the only way.  In my research I've found that there are MANY ways to do this and it isn't just the Italians who hold the copyright on how to remove the Malocchio.


Sure, I'm not Italian but my teacher was and I'm only following what he taught me.  I was engaged to be married to him for several years, the relationship didn't work out, but what he and his family taught me remains with me to this day and we're still friendly with each other.  I also have a lot of friends who are Italian who have never heard of this stuff, so not every Italian is well versed with Strega rites and has just the same chances of being wrong or, in your words, "stupid."


Your statements above confuse me because you're calling me stupid no matter what!  You say that if I already knew what you just told me means I'm stupid for posting it and then I'm also stupid for not knowing it and bad luck for me for even mentioning the Malocchio!  Thing is, people have talked about it for years and, like I said above, everyone has their own way of dealing with it.  My way is just one way and I hope I've clarified that.  In any case, this is just something I talked about in my own personal blog and I do not claim to be an expert on this subject, I just know that every time I've had to deal with this curse what I do has worked for me and others. 


I also know what it's like when someone who isn't from your ethnic background claims to know something about your culture and gets it wrong and the need to correct them is strong.  I am of mixed heritage, Menominee and Chippewa American Indian with Slavic and Germanic background with a little French -- basically I'm what you call an American mutt so to speak and, on all sides of my family, there has been a long history of various shamanic and ceremonial magick traditions.  I don't mind being corrected on something I got wrong and welcome anyone to fill me in and/or open a discussion with me, but I don't like to be insulted for simply repeating something I was taught that you may feel is wrong.  So, feel free to add your thoughts on the subject but please don't call me stupid!  I certainly don't know EVERYTHING and I'm always learning, but you don't know me enough to call me stupid

And with that said, I might as well talk about this subject again in my blog...


vincarde on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"
sorry to have offended you, it wasnt intented.
i came across this article when searching for soem information for my dad in google.
i am fully aware that the malocchio isnt only italian, from what i know greeks, lebanese and some spanish people have similar beliefs, and similar ways of removing it, particularly the lebanese.. 
in reguards to your friends who are italian and dont know of it...the malocchio is generally something known/practeced by southern italians, eg. people from calabria, sicilia, basilicata, puglia, and sometimes napoli. also, some people from the younger generation tend not to take much notice of it.  i too have friends who very much doubted that this worked.
once again i didnt mean to offend you, i was mearly stating that there was certain rules, and that people who read it on here and tried to use it wouldnt have much of an effect, because the rule states that it has to be learnt on a special night around chirstmas, on the stroke of midnight.  also i wasnt trying to say that youre stupid for mentioning the theory of the malocchio itself, i was saying that you shouldnt have mentioned the actual rhyme, traditionally that ryhme i a right that has to be earned, and USUALLY only passed from mother to daughter/father to son...ah well

good day
valentinaxxx on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

I wasn't offended too badly, so don't worry!  Anyways, the rhyme I got has been published, but not by me, and it may not be complete.  So what you propose is very, very interesting.  But, yeah, I get ya.  No worries,


italia9923 on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

Didn't read throught the whole thing, but found it interesting, in my own research that it is said that those with "blue" eyes are more likely to give the malocchio.  As I was searching through something I came across your MindSay thing, but also a malocchio charm, which, just so happens to be a BLUE EYE....also, blue denim lapis is said to ward off the evil eye worn on the left hand on the pointer finger (read that in 5000 Spells book)...


Anyway, I have blue eyes and can give a mean stare......

valentinaxxx on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"
That's really interesting!  I was wondering why I was often warned about the blue eyed and why most malocchio charms are blue eyes.  I had a friend who wore a lapis ring in the shape of a blue eye with moonstone inlaid.  He also wore it on his left pointer finger!  Thanks for the info.
thornie910 on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"

Since this can only be learned on Christmas Eve, I hope you read it then.  Here is the procedure. You'll need a white ceramic dish, oil, salt and a silver knife.

Place water in the dish.

Make the sign of the cross on yourself 3 times.

Make the sign of the cross on the dish 3 times saying "Male Spiritu Spedeech" each time.

Place your little finger in the oil and drip it into the dish making the sign of the cross with it.(no words) If the oil gets larger, the person has the evil eye.

Pour salt in making the sign of the cross 3 times. (no words)

Take the knife and cut into the water making the sign of the cross. (no words) This should rid the person of the curse.

Pour the water out and do this procedure 2 more times


valentinaxxx on
Re: How to detect & remove that most innocent of curses: Malocchio "The Evil Eye"
Nice.  Thank you so much!  I could write an entire book on all the helpful hints and folklore and spells people have sent me since I first wrote about this on my blog.  Blessings to you!

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