Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance. We are stricken by no plague of locusts.


To love another person is to see the face of God.les miserables
he who cries the loudest shows the most pain he who keeps it all inside dies in vain (from 'when a thought becomes u') blake baxter

well, today is a month with andrew. kind of sad. we arent together, but hey i dont mind. :/ i dont know. last night i was thinking about it and i think im just gonna let him go. i mean i have always said that long distance relationships never work, so what am i still doing with andrew? but then i thing well, arent i in love with him? isnt that why? maybe so. but do i truly know that i love him? *sigh* its hard. i always hear of people saying that they've been able to have a long distance relationship, but how the hell do they do it. im surprised i can even stand not being with him. knowing that he lives 30, 40 miles away. i guess if i truly love him, i will stay with him. we'll just have to wait and see.

and besides, do i know he truly loves me? :(



0 on
you'll know when your in love
tragicemotions on
i guess. maybe you are right. whoever you are lol.
ticklemyfancy on
hey, this is Kaitlin I dont know if you remember me but I remember you...we sat next to each other in P.E. Anyways...Sorry to hear about your long distince relationship...I hope everything works out...Well I just wanted to say hi...and THAT YOUR FUCKING LAYOUT FUCKING ROCKS! I LOVE ATREYU!

tragicemotions on
lol. of course i remember you kailtlin! how could i forget p.e. with you? lol. those were great times. especially during softball. yeah, well, i hope it does work out too. yeah and i gotta give props to kim for the awesome layout! lol.

byes, ttyl, alejandra
ticklemyfancy on
ha! Kudoes to kime for your awesome layout..P.E with me really was fun eh? lol well thats alwayd good to know! well have a nice day and ill keep in touch

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