Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance. We are stricken by no plague of locusts.


The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!
I did it!  I braved cravings and cayanne pepper and I feel great!  As of this mornings weigh in i have lost 16.5 lbs in the first 19 days.  That makes a total of 23 lbs since July 18th.  It's a signifigant start to my quest to regain a healthy lifestyle (not to mention the fashion opportunities that will come my way!  LOL)


I didn't do my SWF for the last 2 days but did the Laxative tea in the morning and night and today I had my only negatives symptoms to date.  I have had a pain in my back almost like I am getting a kidney infection.  I am doing my Flush this evening and am hoping that will flush the toxins and clear things back up.  the worst symptoms definantly come from not eliminating properly.  I'll let you guys know tomorrow is it solves the issue.


I also wanted to give a shout out to atticsmouse  for taking the plunge and joining me for her first Master Cleanse.  I hope my blog as inspired and helped prepare all who come!


Summary of the day:  Not a bad ending... Check back on the back pain! 

Spaghetti by Sunday?????? Hopeful Panda!




cas on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!
That's great that you made it! I've been following up on your cleanse since I learned about it, it seems like it takes so much will power.

I actually sent purplegatorade to the store to get me some pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper. We had some baby lemons left over... unfortunately I can't start until my surgery is recovered (I actually did the research on that, and it says not until entirely healed). But I tried the lemonade the other day just to see if I would be able to do it... well, to say I didn't get a "cleansing" effect would be a lie. But I think I could handle it. The first cleanse might have to be a lot shorter than what you went through (seriously, how did you do that!).

But thanks for the inspiration!
torridgirl on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!

Thanks!  It was tough sometimes but I am toooo old to be walking around not excercising and eating anything I damn well feel like.  Mamajo really is my mother and she has a lot of health issues including diabetes as did my grandmother.  I had to open my eyes and realize that it was time to change my ways.  It was not going to be a matter if IF I developed those health issues but more a matter of WHEN.  That was my driving force behind this. 


PS  Remember to get Grade B syrup if its available.  There are many more nutrients in it. Smiley

atticsmouse on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!

WOOHOO! Congratulations, I hope I am strong enough to make it 10 days, of course I have to make sure my medication is not effected by this. I can't afford to miss any lol.


I would drink some cranberry juice or take azo tablets for your back. That will help flush the stuff out and isn't salty lol!

torridgirl on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!


Yeah... I was planning to get some cranberry.  Yesterdays Flush seems to have helped.

d72fish on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!
ok if it is not too much trouble tell me how many times you are doing it and what i need besides the lemone,cayenne and maple. i am sat/sund/mon so i think i am ready to take the plunge.
torridgirl on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!

OK... Lemon, Cayenne Pepper and Grade B Maple syrup as you know... Also get the Organic Laxative tea and NON iodized sea salts.  You can also get a mint tea fror fresher breath if you want. That's it.

I found that for weight loss I stuck to only 6 cups a day and that took about 1/3 of a small bottle of syrup and 4 lemons.  PS... Some pulp from the lemons is fine and if you can get organic lemons that haven't been dyed you can even use some lemon zest.  Remember... filtered water is best.


Check out the 4th Post down on this page...


This was my first time doing The Master Cleanse but it was great.  I challenged myself with the 20 day commitment.  I totally recomend doing the Salt water flush.  it may be hard to take but It does a much more thurough job than the laxative tea alone.  And I sweetend the tea with a teaspoon of maple syrup.

d72fish on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!

I am proud so proud of you. Most of us ty a diet and pray someone else can see the difference you took the next step and shared it.

Thank you!

torridgirl on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!
Smiley Thanks... I am glad it's inspired people.  I found it to be a stimulating experinence and it gave me a much greater appreciation for the food I eat.  I plan to do it again in a couple of months.
williamgeo on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!
The Lemonade Diet is the portion of the Master Cleanse where you drink only the Lemonade made from Lemon, Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper and Water. It is great for detox and weight loss and has a large following of people who have tried it with great success.
The Lemonade Diet Cleanse Directions
torridgirl on
Re: The Master Cleanse DAY 20!!!!!
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