There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


A thought for the day...

In the past, I have driven a 375 HP 396 CI ‘66 SS Chevy, a

‘03 Cadillac Deville which when engaging the passing gear,

lifts the front end – of a front-wheel-drive –  of a 4000 LB car.


Hell, even my ‘58 Olds 88 and ‘63 Olds 98 were putting out

over 300 HP!


Some of these cars were down right scary to drive!!


But now days you have cars 1000 LBS lighter with 400,

500, even 1000 HP!!!


Why on gods green earth do you NEED all that power

to drive on city streets or on highways/freeways where

the posted speed limit is 70 MPH?? 


IF caught speeding, and ATTEMPT to elude, you MAY

outrun the squad car in pursuit, but you sure as hell

can’t outrun their radios!!!


You WILL, at the very least, receive a substantial fine,

possibly loose your license and maybe even face jail time!

That is, if you don’t crash & burn first!!!


Nope, there is NO LOGICAL reason for such horse power!






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