So I have a friend who is suicidal.


No, this "friend" is not me, before you ask. She's just a good friend of mine. She's got all kinds of problems...she listed them for me and it was a rather ugly list. According to her, she's got an abusive father, no future whatsoever, zero self-esteem, no friends she can trust, an alcohol addiction, and the makings of a vicodin addiction. She's attempted to cut her wrists before, and thankfully did no permanent damage.


Still, what can anyone do when a friend tells them all of this? I offered her what advice I could to help her kick the vicodin problem, which she has taken-her mother is in possession of what remains of her vicodin and won't give it to her now. One down, five to go, right? I can only hope. I also told her that she needs far more experienced help than I could offer, given her range of issues...she said she would look into a psychologist, and I trust that she will.


It just sucks. I've lost one friend recently, and I don't want to lose another. I hate it, and I'm doing whatever I can to help her help herself. I hope I can do enough...



mollyrosemond on
Re: Even if I say it'll be all right, still I hear you say you want to end your life
be a good friend to her.  You already seem to be doing just that.  There's only so much you can do from here on out.  Help her hold on, though.  She needs to seek professional help.  But she may not do that. Do you know any other friends of hers? someone she trusts well?  If she's seriously suicidal, she'll need to get help, or go on watch, because you don't know what she'll do next.  You're a good person.  I know you're a good friend.  Help her through it. I have faith in you.
xcutxoutxhearts on
Re: Even if I say it'll be all right, still I hear you say you want to end your life
be there to listen to her if she's depressed. i've had cutting problems too..and if you list out my probles they are far more worse than hers. and for the cutting problem,you get a thick wrist band kind of thing thats made of rubber. ask her to wear that. she cant cut even if she wants me i use it..and it helps. and people like us (your friend and me) need peole who will listen to them. be there for them. and i think your doing a great job in that!


meechagurl7 on
Re: Even if I say it'll be all right, still I hear you say you want to end your life
eek that is not a good position to be in. I hope she does get help. THe first step is realizing she needs help from an outside source and not to take it on all by herself.


Your a good friend.

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