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'50s and '60s Slang
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'50s Slang

Actor -- Show-off

Agitate the Gravel-- To leave (hot-rodders)

Ankle-biter-- A child

Ape-- Used with go - to explode or be really mad

Are you writing a book? --You're asking too many questions

Baby-- Cute girl, term of address for either sex

Back seat bingo-- Necking in a car

Bad news --Depressing person

Bash --Great party

Bent eight --a V-8 engine (hot-rodders)

Big Daddy-- An older person

Big tickle --Really funny

Bit --An act

Blast-- A good time

Blow off-- To defeat in a race (hot-rodders)

Bobbed-- Shortened

Boss-- Great

Bread-- Money

Bug-- "You bug me" - to bother

Burn rubber-- To accelerate hard and fast (hot-rodders)

Cast an eyeball To look

Cat-- A hip person (Beats)

Chariot-- Car (Beats)

Cherry-- Originally, an unaltered car. Later, anything attractive (hot-rodders, originally)

Chrome-plated-- Dressed up (hot-rodders, originally)

Circled-- Married

Classy chassis-- Great body

Cloud 9-- Really happy

Clutched-- Rejected

Clyde-- Term of address, usually for a normal person (Beats)

Cook, cookin'-- Doing it well

Cool-- Indefinable quality that makes something or someone extraordinary

Cool it-- Relax, settle down

Cooties-- Imaginary infestations of the truly un-cool

Cranked-- Excited (Beats)

Crazy-- "Like crazy,man" Implies an especially good thing

Cream-- Originally, to dent a car. Later, to badly damage (hot-rodders, originally)

Cruisin' for a bruisin'-- Looking for trouble

Cube- A normal person

Cut the gas-- Be quiet!

Cut out- Leave
Daddy-O-- Term of address (Beats)

D.D.T.-- (Drop Dead Twice) Response: What, and look like you?

Deuce-- A 1932 Ford (hot-rodders)

Dibs-- A claim - as in "got dibs" on that seat

Dig-- To understand; to approve

Dolly-- Cute girl

Don't have a cow-- Don't get so excited

Drag (hot-rodders)-- A short car race; (Beats) A bore

Duck Butt or D.A. --Hairstyle of greasers where hair in back is combed to the middle, then with end of comb, make a middle part

Earthbound-- Reliable

Epistle- Letter

Eyeball-- Look around

Fake Out-- A bad date

Fast-- Someone who was sexually active

Fat City-- A great thing or place; Happy

Fire Up-- Start your engine (hot-rodders)

Flat out-- Fast as you can

Flat-top-- Men's hairstyle. A crewcut which is flat across the top

Flick-- A movie

Flip-- To get very excited

Flip-top-- A convertible car

Floor it-- Push the accelerator to the floor (hot-rodders)

Fracture-- To amuse

Fream-- Someone who doesn't fit in

Frosted-- Angry

Woody-- An erection

Wiggin' Out- Going Crazy





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