Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance. We are stricken by no plague of locusts.


the day i turned into a man
grooble wants me to blog about sex so here it is:

one time when i was in school i was at a party at my friends house and lots of people were drinking alcohol so my friend asks me if i need anything and say yes of course (because i wanted to seem cool but i had no idea) so he asks me what i want and i just said the first thing that came to my head "gin". he says ok and leaves.

he comes back with my gin and i try to act like mr coolio so i go to the fridge and find some green tea to mix it with (i used to be addicted to green tea and would drink it 24/7) well lets just say green tea and gin are gross. so like i said i never drank before so i start making drinks and they are gross so i drink them fast to avoid the icky taste.

i dont remember much but i was talking to this really ugly red haired girl named lisa. i was feeling really good and i started rubbing her and stuff and she was rubbing me back and the next thign i know she is sticking her tounge down my throat and grabbing my pee pee.

so i guess we walked back to her dorm room or whatever and im all wasted and stuff. my pee pee was standing straight up like a flag pole (except it is slightly curved to the left). so i think i passed out or something but i woke up and my pants are off and this girl is sucking on my pee pee (YES SHE WAS USING HER MOUTH EWW GROSS)

so im like omg what do i do and then she takes her pants off and stuff and starts griding her crotch on my face and stuff and i gto all this slime on me ( it smelled like fish ewww)

so im all grossed out and stuyff and i think i pass out again and when i wake up my pee pee is inside her! im like holy smokes this is weird and but it feels really good so i kinda just pretended i was passed out still and the next thing i know im havign a seizure and my pee pee is peeing in this girl.

well she gets real mad and starts smacking me and yelling at me that she told me to pull out and im like what pull out of where im laying on your bed and my car is at my moms house. well she tosses me off the bed and im still feeling really weird and the walls are moving and stuff. she kicks me out of the room and i start trying to walk down the hall.

i get to the street outside and all these people are laughing at me and im like what. well then a security guard comes over and grabs my arm and takes me to the office. im totally crying now and i dont know why im in trouble. well they told me i didnt have any pants on and my pee pee was hanging out of my shorts. so they call my mom and she yells and takes me home.

about 3 days later i got a big red pussing rash on my pee pee and its spewing out some sort of puss. it was at that very moment i realized i had become a man and to this day i am proud of my scars and will show them to anyone who i think is worthy.



c0rrupt on
Re: the day i turned into a man
thanks for the heartfelt welcome!! ))
i think i'm the first reply on yours so that makes us blog buddies 4 life!!!!!

btw your story touched me, in my special place <3
vxp on
Re: the day i turned into a man
happy birthday
acidstorm on
Re: the day i turned into a man
holy blog.  ne cowboy virtual pc?
uoow on
Re: the day i turned into a man
i like sex
pheco on
Re: the day i turned into a man

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