There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


dangers of getting what I want

It looks like we might do the camper thing. But on saturday, I went over to the burned down house to unload dog food. Usually my uncle comes over from where he is living with my cousin to unload the dog food, But, that bunch had gone to the mtns to I unloaded the dog food into a hand-truck. But the hand-truck snapped up when I dropped the dog food on it (it is a law of physics or something I should have paid attention to) and hit me directly in the center of my forehead. It sort of knocked me into this week.


I have experienced symptoms since then. Not limited to the purple easter egg on my head. 


So, above and beyond worrying about mother’s upcoming eye surgery and moving into campers and looking for a decent job...I feel weird. Very weird and jumpy. 





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