There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


33 days

My ‘uncle’ told us today that we have to sleep in the living room because we have been staying here “33 days” and my Aunt needs her bed back (they have separate bedrooms). My Aunt actually likes sleeping on the couch, she was doing that before we got here.


Honestly, I can sleep almost anywhere but my mom has a lot of trouble since losing 99% of her eyesight.


My Aunt wants us to stay, but this is going to be difficult since the ‘uncle’ gets up at all hours of the night.


Oh, and she keeps leaving and going over to my cousin’s house while my ‘uncle’ is asleep and it makes him so angry. And here we sit.


We have a camper in our yard where the house burned down but there is only a papa-son chair, 2 dogs and no electricity there. And a hole in the window of the door.


We are still brainstorming a solution though.   I couldn’t get a pic to embed but here is a link:


UPDATE: My Aunt is really stubborn and wants to sleep on the couch, so we are back in her room and my ‘uncle” calmed down. 


oh and since that link to the pic above probably doesn’t work, maybe this one will:





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