There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


This shit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I had a brush on social media with a reality celeb I love to hate. So my favorite awful reality show is MTV’s The Challenge hosted by TJ Lavin. For the uninitiated, The Challenge brings together former Real World cast members (and now they take people from other various MTV reality shows too to beef up the numbers) and they compete in a series of ridiculous challenges to ultimately win a bunch of money. They’re paired up or put in teams in a variety of ways every season (most recently rivals- people who dislike each other based on past seasons/interactions had to be teammates). They compete and each week someone gets eliminated until there are just a few left, and they get to compete in an even more intense final to win big. The thing I like about it is a lot of the same people come back time after time (there’s at least one season a year), so you get to “know” them. Usually the same people ( “veterans” ) win all the time and new people hardly get the chance. I’ve been watching this show for like ten years. I just love it! It’s drama plus competition with people (essentially “characters” ) that have come back over and over again.


Okay ANYWAY. There’s this one guy, Johnny Bananas, that I and pretty much everyone love to hate. He’s arrogant and a complete douchebag that fucks over anybody and everybody in order to win. Last season he and his partner were the grand prize winners after a grueling final. He had the chance to split the $275,000 down the middle with his partner, who he could not have done it without, or take all the money for himself. This mother fucker took all the money. And that exemplifies who he is as a person. I just hate him! That said, it’s fun to watch his manipulation even as I scream at the TV “FUCK YOU BANANAS!” He is a complete jackass, but he’s entertaining to watch.


All of this brings me to the fact that despite hating him with a passion, I follow him on Instagram. This man has branded himself. I don’t even remember how he got the nickname Johnny Bananas, but he branded it. He has a line of over priced t-shirts, hoodies, etc. And people buy this shit! So yesterday he posted a picture of a bunch of his merchandise ready to be shipped out on instagram. And I commented “I legitimately think you are a Bad Person, but I guess props for branding yourself and prostituting yourself out to the idiot masses.You’re a complete douchebag, but I guess all you care about is money so good job?” Even though he’s just a dumb reality star he has hundreds of thousands of followers and gets tons of comments on every post, which he almost never responds to. But he right away responded to me with just a winky face emoji. I was like oh shit he 100% agrees with me! He knows he’s an asshole who has expertly branded his assholeness and is making money off of being a jerk with his name on a shirt because people are fucking dumb. I just cracked up. 


And that’s my story of how Johnny Bananas responded to me on social and I laughed my ass off. 




hauntedwhisper on
Re: This shit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

100% sure I’ve told you this story before but hopefully you forgot it so I can repeat myself. One time I was on a forum that used to be dedicated to Hole and Courtney Love until Court when batshit crazy (er, one of the times she went batshit crazy) and they banned her off her own forum (Lmfao) but she had a couple “secret” alias accounts (everyone could tell which ones were hers). I was part of a discussion calling out Courtney Love on some shit and she popped in and called us all “Paris Hilton obsessed newbies” and I was so ecstatic that my hero was calling me out like that lmfaooo anyway that was my “negative” brush with a celebrity 

mystupidmouth on
Re: This shit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Yours is better lmfao LOVE IT 


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