There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


New Blog

So. I started a public blog on another blogging platform. Mindsay will always be my home and where I “journal”. But I decided there are some things I want to share more broadly. I started with sharing the entry I wrote here about my mom and Mary Oliver. But eventually I want to get pretty political with my writing. It is a small way I will continue to resist. 


Anyway, here’s the link. Stay tuned! 




cactusofdoom on
Re: New Blog


mystupidmouth on
Re: New Blog

Always *raised fist emoji* 

schencka on
Re: New Blog

No act is small in this world! Especially writing!


mystupidmouth on
Re: New Blog

Good point! I have been thinking about ways to resist and writing is one of my strengths, so it makes sense. 

schencka on
Re: New Blog

Go girl! Er, or grrl. Or adult woman, whatevs you prefer.

schencka on
Re: New Blog

Just had a look. Your blog looks great and I’m excited for the content you’ll create!

mystupidmouth on
Re: New Blog

Thanks! I appreciate your interest and support. I’m excited about it, too. 

divine on
Re: New Blog

Nice! Looking forward to seeing your content over there!

mystupidmouth on
Re: New Blog

Thanks! I appreciate you checking it out  


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