There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


"they're breaking you"

the other thing that's happening is a series of changes at work.

some of them are recent, like the fact that, as of today, my vocational client is no longer working with me. the retail place she's employed called on friday to let the vocational program director know that they were changing her shifts next week.

every job coach is scheduled up the ass, all the time. they might work at the card shop other days, or have other vocational or habitat clients the same day they work a shift somewhere else.

so for them to change a client's schedule means basically leaving the job coach out in the cold. then there's also the possibility of no replacement being available, and then the client loses the job. it also effects the clients house staff, and transportation, and could lose them their spot in a day program...etc...etc. which is why it's so important to have a consistent schedule worked out. 

anyway, they changed her schedule, and i couldn't hang. i work at the atf on both days they want her to work, and i have a hab client on one of them...and i still offered to go with her after my atf shift on the other day, because i don't want her to lose her job. 

instead, the program director found someone else, so i found out yesterday that today would be my last day as her job coach. i had to find a time to tell her today, she put it together really quickly, and only seemed to fixate anxiously for about an hour, with no acting out behaviors. 

now i have tuesdays free, which could be cool, if i didn't feel overwhelmingly uneasy about the possibility of the hab program director trying to shove clients down my throat because he knows i have a free day. i can refuse, of course, but this is the same cocksucker who told me menacingly, “people have to cooperate if they want to keep their job here,” when i respectfully informed him that i wasn't equipped to deal with the type of client he was trying to assign me when i was only two months into working there. 

yeah, he's a blast to work for/with. 


the other changes are much more gradual, but the implications are much more ominous.  

about two months ago, we recieved a directive from the odp, which dictates who recieves what type of funding, and how it's used, that the card workshop and our adult training day program was going to gradually need to become more “community based.” 

they're suggesting that we re-staff, changing from 6 client to 1 staff ratio to 3 clients for every 1 staff; the reasoning being that staff will now be taking clients out into the community, first 25% more, then 50% more, and so forth. 

their suggestions/regulations for in the community: no two groups should be in the same place; the groups should not congregate in places that are state funded, like libraries, parks, community centers, etc; the suggested places for groups to go: walmart, mcdonalds, dunkin donuts. 

now, here are all the reasons this is ridiculous:

  1. you're encouraging people with low incomes, questionable decision making, and low impulse control to hang around places with shitty food that they'll have to purchase just to be welcome there. 
  2. you expect staff to transport clients in their vehicles, apparently 3 clients at a time, meaning people with certain types of vehicles wouldn't be able to keep their jobs. and what about our mobility impaired people, who come with a van-load of equipment? i guess the plan is to just force them out of the program altogether?
  3. there is no way for staff to adequately provide a safe emergency or fire plan when you're constantly moving around from random public place to place.
  4. huuuuge risk factor, both from the community  (someone hurting or targeting a client) and from the clients to the community  (no back up staff to help or instruct people in safe procedure if a client has a behavioral issue).
  5. the plan is to force disabled people out of workshops, “where they're isolated.” that's the claim they're using to push this forward – that because all the people who work at a workshop are disabled, that's somehow keeping them out of the community. now, the workshop is considered a pre-vocational program, where people who may be able to work in the public someday practice their skills, do team-building exercises, and learn important listening and comprehension abilities. it's also a middle ground for many clients who have emotional issues that make them unable to hold a regular job, even with a job coach; it's regular practice with human interaction and asserting one's self in a professional setting for people who are high functioning, but have autism, or anxiety; it's a way for older people, who are slowly losing their previously high functioning abilities, to keep their minds active. 


anyway. i’ve been having weird dreams about work left and right, and i’m totally getting a stress-induced cold sore. 






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