There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


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first salmon; a gratitude entry

things that are good:

1. work is stressful, always, but at least the coming changes are like a year away, and possibly so flexible that we can make them work, even if it sucks sometimes. 

2. john is wonderful. maria is wonderful. they are amazing partners to me, and now they're learning to be good partners for each other. our triad thing is working out very nicely. 

3. andrew is a wonderful partner, too. we've been spending quality time together watching movies at least once a week. it's nice to have that dedicated time for relaxing, and talking, and just being able to see and hear one another. 

4. my trip to the sex club went really well. i had so much less anxiety about everything. like, most of what bothered me was jamie getting into my space, although i understood that he was often doing so in an effort to escort me, and not have me pawed or approached by people. also, while i was there, someone from my polyamory support group recognized me, approached me, and gushed all over me (figuratively) about how much he liked my posts, and my stories, and my photos (specifically, my outdoor ones). it was totally surreal to have that happen, because i consider myself a fairly anonymous kind of prescence; i mean, i am a sock account with a drawing of a cat for my profile picture. but i do post identifiable shots every sunday, so this guy just...put it all together. also, he said we talked before, but i can't find any emails or conversations on fetlife or facebook. although i might have deleted it. 

5. jamie seems to be a legitimately nice person. i hope he continues to be. i am ever skeptical. but he asked about my communication with my partners, and then he asked if there might ever be a point in time that he would meet them. so if i keep seeing him (we have plans for next monday), i might try to arrange a kind of double-date, with maria, john, jamie, and myself. maybe bowling :)

6. i went to my family's easter thing today, and it was fine. went walking with my sister, her boyfriend, and his parent's dog. that was fine too. 

7. john made an easter egg ball!!!! i’m gonna go grab some! i even got kielbasa to go with it!! 

8. he cooked me lobster tails this weekend! :D 





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