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a weird day

it started out with a revised letter from the odp! they've already dropped the expected amount of community time from 75% to 25% by the fall of 2019. 

that's significantly more reasonable. 

they also changed some of the criteria for which clients would be eligible for the community time (they decided to count vocational community time). 

the best part though?!

they added a requirement that the client be allowed to opt out of the community time, and remain in a workshop, if they chose to. previously, it said nothing about the client being able to make a choice, despite the objective being, “give clients a choice!” 


soooo i was fucking stoked about that. apparently all i had to do was expel energy by writing my concerns, and somehow the universe responded! 



i spent the rest of the day listening to my coworker worry over what to do about school, and life in general. she told me today that she couldn't keep working there, that she is getting burnt out.  

i didn't know what exactly to tell her, except that i understood the feeling, and that that's why i’m so cautious about what clients i take. i don't want to feel sad about the job i do. i love it so much, the idea of not enjoying it just kills me. 

but really, i don't think she's suited for this profession. she's chronically stressed, and unhappy, and has openly admitted to “tuning out” clients :/

i understand that there are moments where a strategic ignore is in place for certain clients, because responding or attempting to reason or redirect a specific topic might make the fixation worse for the client. but that's not the case 95% of the time. 

i also understand that shes referring to ability to ignore things that bother you personally; when a client does something that gets to you, like open mouth chewing, or something else they can't help, you try to ignore it entirely.

but i have also seen her blow off doing her job so she could be on her phone, or read whatever she's behind on for school. i have seen her “tune out” while she needs to be exceptionally aware of whats happening (particularly at times when all the clients are up and moving, as there are always a few “fall risks” ). 

i watched her take the key for the private bathroom today, leave without telling anyone, be gone for about 10 minutes, then come in, look at her phone (which she had with her), and then turn around and walk literally right back out into the hallway, where she was gone for another ten minutes. the program director noticed, and even said, “what was that?” 


so then i'm on my way home from shopping after work, and i come to a stop sign, and make a left hand turn. 

i straightened my car out, and noticed a lady in an suv was pulling out of her parking space and was going to hit me.

she was parked in a horizontal street parking space, so she had the ability to see that i was literally RIGHT NEXT TO HER. 

i slammed on my brakes and my horn.

i pulled the left side of my neck from tensing up. 

but she stopped, and i was able to slow down and swerve, and no one got fucked up. besides my neck. 

and then she did it to the car after the car behind me, too. i know, because i heard beeping, and looked in my rear view mirror to see basically a reenactment of what i had just gone through.  


long. strange. day. 




divine on
Re: a weird day

sounds like the coworker really needs to get with the program or move on.

also i’m curious, what’s your profession? sounds like you’re working to help people in your community, which is pretty cool. i wanted to do that at one point. 

morte on
Re: a weird day

i work in an adult training facility with people with developmental disabilities i help teach/reinforce stuff that helps them live more independently (ideally).


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