There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


Santa is a Communist
You always knew it, deep down--go 'head and admit it.

Examine the evidence:

He's from the "North Pole" (an obvious reference to the old Soviet Union) and wears a Red suit. Clumsy metaphors, perhaps, but they can't all be champions. Santa represents the State under the "benevolent" Dictatorship of the Proletariate. And despite the promise of light-touch government--"Santa" only comes once a year--we all know better.

He flies across the world distributing free "gifts"--as if anybody would miss the implications of going through national defenses and the State taking care of everything after "liberation."

The "gifts" are supposedly constructed by "elves" at this "North Pole"--obviously Siberian slave labor.

The names of the "reindeer" are also thinly-disguised clues.

*Dasher--represents the anticipated the dash forward of the Red Army through then-West Germany and France, to isolate Britain and force the US to huddle miserably on its own side of the Atlantic.

*Dancer--the Soviets were known for good dancers.

*Prancer--The prance through West Berlin, and Bonn, and Paris...and, eventually, London, and Ottawa, and Washington.

*Vixen--the old KGB was expert at the use of "honey traps" to compromise Westerners.

*Comet--the comming Marxist-Lenninist comet that would streak across the Earth.

*Cupid--another variation of the honey trap (see Vixen).

*Donner--a sly reference to the Donner Party, and how capitalism would eat itself.

*Blitzen--"Blitz-N"..."Blitz-Nyet" the Nazi blitzkreig, any attempt at attack or resistance will be doomed to fail.

And, of course, there is the one who lights the way with his shining Red beacon, symbolizing the coming World Revolution, Rudolph

And that's not all--the Santa/State's "Ho Ho Ho" is actually a refference to Communist icon Ho-Ho-Ho Chi Minh.

Yet we continue to feed this propaganda to our children and our popular culture, doing the work of an Evil Empire that itself dropped dead some time ago. One can only shake one's head.



stalkerchick on
Re: Santa is a Communist
Did you think of this all by yourself?  Nice work.
cardigan on
Re: Santa is a Communist
I keep telling him he needs a hobby.  And he keeps doing this sort of stuff.
masivemaple on
Re: Santa is a Communist
Does it occur to you that this is my hobby?
cardigan on
Re: Santa is a Communist

It has not only occurred to me, it's been pretty much a certainty in my mind for some years now.  Ask me if I find that sad.

masivemaple on
Re: Santa is a Communist you find that sad?
cardigan on
Re: Santa is a Communist
Yes, Mr. Literal.
masivemaple on
Re: Santa is a Communist

I've posted it it in other places, but yeah, it's an original me/


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