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Mixed Lollies!

From a reply to tootboy  it seems that you don't have mixed lollies in the states....or milk bars 


Milk bars are sort of like a small corner store also known as "the shop".


When I was a kid when mum sent me to the shop to buy milk bread and a packet of Super Mild (with a note so the milkbar owner would know that I wasn't buying cigarettes for myself) I'd sometimes get to spend the change on mixed lollies.


I checked with Mr. Blue and he also remembers uttering the words


"20 cents worth of mixed lollies please"


This was the lazy way to order, most kids would stand there, nose pressed to the glass counter watching as the Milk bar owner filled their order one, by one with his grubby fingers. I suspect they don't exist in this form anymore because of the hygiene issues. You can get mixed lollies now, but they come pre packaged so the fun of choosing them yourself is gone.


I'm sure that before and after school time was every milk bar owner's nightmare as each local kid would line up:

" uuuuummmmm, I'll have... 2 milk bottles, 3 teeth, 10 snakes, 5 jelly babies...uuuuummmm, 2 musk sticks, 8 raspberries, 2 strawberries and cream, 2mint leaves, 5 mates ...and 12 bullets"



You'd receive a white paper bag full of lollies, and if the milk bar owner was nice, a couple extra thrown in with a smile.


Now a list of lollies I remember:


Mixed Lollies This image includes frogs, pineapples, jelly babies, chickos (chocolate flavoured jelly babies), raspberries, strawberries and cream, cars and red skins (wrapped red lollies).

Teeth Jelly lollies shaped like teeth

Snakes: snake shaped jellies

Sherbet Bombs chewy lolly filled with fizzy sherbet

Freckles Chocolate disks covered with hundreds and thousands

Jaffas Choch orange flavoured balls that made your tongue red

Clinkers Choc covered coloured sweet chalk

Bullets choc covered liquorish

Ice creams

Bananas chalky banana flavoured lollies

Mates: Small square tiles of hard caramel covered in chocolate

Milk Bottles- White jellies

Fantails- Choc coated caramel with a movie star biography on the wrapper

Musk Sticks a fragrant lolly which the following website describes as " It was like eating incense cones (you know, if they were made from sugar and not sawdust)."

Mint Leaves: Mint flavoured sugar dusted jellies

Jersey Caramels Caramel squares

Witchetty Grubs tastes like a milk bottle, but grub shapped and a little harder.




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tootboy on
Re: Mixed Lollies!
so some of them were like "gummy bears" 
it's a wonder anyone down under has any teeth left!
littleblue on
Re: Mixed Lollies!
Kind of like gummy bears, but at a different stage of jelliness.

That's probably why the government pumps so much fluride into our water, it was either that or get rid of mixed lollies....


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