There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


It can always get worse

Next time you think your life is running off the rails, remember this story I just read and thank God your situation is not as bad as it could be.  This story is actually from 2012, but was a link off a link:


A California man and his wife, both in their 60s, decided it was time to retire and take their ease for as many days as they have left.  He’s an artist—an impressionist painter, in fact.  They’re planning to live out their lives together in Napa, growing old and taking care of each other in their latter years.  Maybe do some traveling...seeing the world.  It’s a good life.


Before the day comes when they can begin doing so, she is diagnosed with cancer.  In short order, she dies.  Devastated, he wonders how he’ll ever enjoy another sunrise without her—the woman he has loved for decades and raised children with.


But just a month after her sudden passing, long before he can begin to get a handle on what the future might hold for him, he gets word of yet another tragedy: his 37 year old daughter—who is a mother herself, with three children under 5 years old—has been stabbed to death by her husband during a domestic dispute. 


So on the heels of his wife’s funeral, he must arrange for his daughter’s, plus look forward to the murder trial of his son-in-law, whom he has now come to loath after having thought the world of him.  The killer is given 25 to life.  He prepares a victim impact statement to read to the court at the killer’s sentencing.


And he is shown at home, left alone at 66, holding his daughter’s three children—18 months, 3 years, and 5 years.  And it all changed in a matter of a few months.


And you say someone is difficult in your life, or you are frustrated about something, or can’t figure out what your girlfriend or boyfriend is all about?  Is that all?




rv1501 on
Re: It can always get worse

Yep, things can always get worse! 


Which reminds me of a bit of humor… 


Things were going bad, life sucked. So I went for some help;

The man said “Cheer up, things could be worse.”

So I cheered up, and sure as shit, things got worse! 

jacksez on
Re: It can always get worse

Reminds me of that joke by Rodney Dangerfield:

“My girlfriend called me late one night.  “Come on over to the house; there’s nobody home!’  I went over.  There was nobody home!”


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