There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


How ironic

Now, all over the country, the left—those who are so quick to shout about the “hateful rhetoric” on the right—are, with one voice, shouting hateful rhetoric about the election of Trump.  “Not my F***** president!”  and the like.


But if the election had gone their way, and the right had taken to the streets to shout such things (they wouldn’t, because that’s generally not our style), the press—and the left, but I repeat myself—would be pointing out how our words prove how hateful we are.


So perhaps, before the left get themselves into a dizzy over “hate” and “racism”, they should take stock of their own displays.




schencka on
Re: How ironic

I think it was Voltaire who said that one must tend one’s garden.

palaceofperseph on
Re: How ironic

This is the respect for the democratic process: Man in Chicago beaten for voting for Trump:

rv1501 on
Re: How ironic

Tis odd… you didn’t see masses of folks protesting

when Obomba was elected… I’m sure there were a

lot of angry people then, but the sucked it up, like adults.


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