There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


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Parenting is a trap.

Seriously guys. Don't do it.

Unless you have a fantastic support network of people who can take said mini people for 2-74 hrs at a time so you can just not parent for a solid period of time..

I do not have said support network.

I have me.. The mom who is over worked and under appreciated and severely under sexed.

Every. Single. Night. My child is having 20 minute tantrums because of some ridiculous and mundane reason.

Tonight? Tonight was great. He wanted hugs and was giving me kisses and saying I was his favourite. Taught him about recycling.

Now he's crying because he wanted to eject paw patrol out of the DVD player despite JUST asking me to play it.

I'm SO soooooooooooo fuckin over stressed.


He wasn't always like this. I know it has to do with his dad not taking him and mostly him spending too much time with my step mother. She spoils him and teaches him that everything is someone else fault. She also undermines my authority while I'm standing right there.


... Tantrum ended. Crisis averted.. He found a hair tie and brought it to me so I was all "OH MY GOODNESS!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!" So that was that. I've gotten pretty good at this redirection thing..


Still extremely stressed.

Work is a nightmare most days.


Ohkay! Today's stressor?

A fucking sink.

The Damn spray hose for the dish washing area was broken. So no water for the back sink. So they can't prewash dishes for the dishwasher.

Common sense would say to find a way to fill the sink to prewash dishes.…

Or just scrape them off before running them through the dishwasher.

It was HOURS before I could actually get to the back... (i was stuck upfront running shift and it was hectic) until FINALLY I get back there... Grab a 5 gallon bucket... And take water from the mop sink faucet and... Fill up the sinks .

........ Like................ Just.. Think.. For yourselves. 

The fucking stupidity.

Oh. And get this... The spray hose?

Probably just needed to be tightened.. But no... Now it's all disassembled and people are all sorts of fucking stupid and I swear to God.. How the fuck are we going to survive as a species if this is the way things are going? No one can think for themselves.

.... That zombie apocalypse is still looking pretty good right now.




almost23 on
Re: Parenting is a trap.

uggghhhh….. the HORROR!!!!!!

shit days sure make shit worse. Hang in there…. it kind of gets better???


Like, it turns from physically drained to mentally drained so it’s a totally different drained but, in a way slightly better? I think? Except then it’s short lived because then they get to be preteens.


wait, this isn’t helping, is it?!?! HA


I hear ya on the wishing you could have people to take the little kiddos to for an extended period of time. It never seems to work that way, does it?!?


Too little too late! They love and need us, though. And all the good things make up for the bad things. And before we know it, we’ll be wishing they were with us again because they’ll be off doing their own thing.


Sorry to hear about dad not being with him as much and the step mother spoiling and undermining you thing. That’s tough. That’s REALLY tough.

insanereid on
Re: Parenting is a trap.

Thank you. I figured you would be one to understand this. Lol single parent ranting vs how I actually feel are two completely different things. I love the little pain in my butt more than life. Lol

dustball on
Re: Parenting is a trap.

Oh damn, you gotta put the lock down on the step mother .. that will only get WORSE .. put your foot down on that noise and good luck.


insanereid on
Re: Parenting is a trap.

Unfortunately she takes any correction and blows it out of proportion. Claims I'm comparing her to my mother and then doesn't talk to me for months. She's my only weekend sitter since his father would rather drink and chase his 18yo ex instead of stepping up to be a dad. I'm screwed. Lol


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