There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



Its been a rough few weeks and I can't tell if I've channelled all of that into my new tattoos since I got them at the peak of the downfall.

I don't know.

I know they're not exactly what I wanted.. and I should have said something.. but anxiety and new environments and people I don't know.... Doesn't leave room for actively stating my opinions.


My fucking teeth have been constantly achey.

My mood is deteriorating thanks to my period. 

My boyfriend finally showed up and I couldn't even have sex with him because my uterus is a fucking cuntmuffin.

Full field is tomorrow. (Big regional guy comes and spends 7 hrs grading us and stressing everyone out) So work has been absolutely wonderful the last month. (I'm SO CLOSE to buying my boss a dildo and telling her to go fuck herself.. but I don't think her girlfriend will appreciate that lol)


So to sum it all up, what should have been something that relieved stress and serves as a reminder for inner peace has become a negative point and I hate it.


I like my tattoos and what they represent. They are not how I imagined they would be.. but when does anything turn out the way you want it to? Its about accepting the faults, whether they be yours or someone else, learning from them and building on those lessons.

I've already made plans to build on and improve my tattoos. (scenery from each nation in watercolor type art above/around it or the elemental teachers from each element I.e. dragon, sky bison etc)


This talk to myself has improved my outlook but... 



... I'm still lacking a support group of people who's opinion I actually appreciate and respect.




morte on
Re: Ugh

neither of my big, noticeable tattoos turned out how i wanted, and while the one on my chest could be reworked, the one on my neck can't have much done to it without making it even more apparent and prison-esque. and they are fucked up for the same reason - this artist is a professional and i'm in his shop, potentially stepping on his toes...

my advice is:

1. expand on your design concepts to fix/cover what you don't like

2. try to find a tattoo artist that you actually connect with so you feel comfortable communicating, and not intimidated about correcting them


i’m still working on both of these's really difficult. 

insanereid on
Re: Ugh

It is very difficult.

I plan on drawing a rough draft myself next time. Seemed to work well with my first tattoo. He added the details and even made a suggestion that went well. Of course it was just stars and music notes on my neck.. 

Unfortunately that guy is in Florida. Great artist though.

insanereid on
Re: Ugh

Maybe we should remember that yea.. They're the "professional" but were the customers . were "always right" lol


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