There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



I'm almost 28.

My hair is blue and teal.. what isn't shaved anyway.

I have less and less friends each year it seems.


I'm fighting the current. Fighting and it feels like I'm getting no where. I know I'm just moving at a slower pace than most.


I just feel so lost anymore.


Everyone makes it look so easy.



I don't regret my son. So don't take my next statement as me saying I do. I love my son dearly but being a single mother with no support system makes me feel like I'm fighting the current with a boulder tied around my waist.


At the same time, being tied to that boulder is a blessing. If I lose my footing and get swept away, I have that lifeline tying me to my anchor.


I just feel so lost anymore. I have no idea where to go from here.



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divine on
Re: Stuck

I just turned 28, and I totally relate with this post. Moving at a slow pace, feeling lost… I think we’re not alone, though – I think more people our age are feeling this way than we’re really aware of. I know a lot of my old friends are, too. Gotta keep hanging in there, because nothing stays the same forever… 

insanereid on
Re: Stuck

Thanks. I know it'll change. I'm just So impatient!


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