There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


Who needs a motivational cheerleader?

Completed my foundation personal coaching classes… working on submitting my coaching log and then I should be certified! (After I pay my taxes I’m going to apply to get certifications in a few specializations instead of just the general coaching, but I have to assess my money situation first.) So, if anyone is interested in having any personal coaching (on absolutely anything… silly or huge…. one session or several) I am going to be doing free coaching for a bit to get some practice under my belt! 


I will work with anyone on anything and I am preferring to start with email or messaging coaching… not phone coaching.


Just putting it out thereeeeeeeee



Anyway, my life is moving slowly but time is moving fast. Big surprise but I am not being hard on myself.


I don’t want to talk about things with Harry but this is a note for me to reflect on when I reread my old entries that things have not been going well with that situation.







cactusofdoom on
Re: Who needs a motivational cheerleader?

Obviously I know nothing about your relationship. But I can relate to looking back on the “good times” and somehow forgetting how not well things have actually been going. For years I shamefully allowed myself to be abused by a partner who would give affection only as a tool to keep me on a leash. I have to constantly remind myself that she was abusive and that no matter what good I may have felt, there was always much more pain. 


It is a cruel joke how easily humans can be cowed into being emotionally abused.


 Perhaps all of that is just my projecting my problems. Like I said, I know nothing about your situation. Anyway. I’m sorry that things have been shitty. Regardless of what form that has taken. 




Spicy pork.

hauntedwhisper on
Re: Who needs a motivational cheerleader?

Thank you for this and for sharing your story with me. heart


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