There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


It was overdue, honestly.

I did LSD last night and let me tell ya whut. I realized a lot of things about myself. I obviously felt colors, saw sounds, and touched the stars but also discovered that I have .. like I have all three of those things just inside of myself. I realized that I am, spiritually, a very good noodle but I give in easily to peer pressure and that tarnishes my external.. image. 


I can’t explain the experience without it sounding absolutely bonkers! I suppose I’d break it down as... riding a glow of raw humility.




cactusofdoom on
Re: It was overdue, honestly.

Sometimes I feel this way when I am really high on the whacky tobaccy.

freakofnature on
Re: It was overdue, honestly.

whacky tobaccy lol is that a code word for weed? I’ve developed a respiratory issue/allergy to weed so that’s out for me!

schencka on
Re: It was overdue, honestly.

Sounds like good realizations. We are all stardust and we create our own consciousness. 

freakofnature on
Re: It was overdue, honestly.

I totally agree


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