There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



I’ve been trying to finish three books before the semester begins. I always start one, get halfway, then begin another aaand the same with another. I don’t know why I’m like this but, whatever. Someone from Tumblr recommended The Forty Rules of Love to me last year and I started it maybe a week ago. This is technically book number four, and probably the only one I will finish. It is so0o0o0o good. 


Why is it easier to fall in love with literature more so than an actual person? I’m always “talking” to many different people at once or none at all and when I choose just one person to “talk to”, it never lasts for long. Either everyone wants to be casual or I’m not feelin’ them enough to want to be serious. So this semester is dedicated to loving myself, my studies, my roommates, and close friends! 




Millenia on
Re: 11/365

I always need to be in super focused mode to read. If that gets broken, the whole mood is ruined so I’m usually up really late at night when it’s quiet enough.


I’ve only had the opposite issue when it comes to love, maybe it just has to do with the environment? The more populated an area is, the more people are usually going to just go for something casual? Either way, there’s too many other important things to focus on until the right person comes. ^^

freakofnature on
Re: 11/365

Totally! I read mostly at the gym, when I’m on the stair-climber or treadmill. But if I’m at home? Oh hell no, I can’t focus on it at all. What have you been reading lately? I may just sell some of the books I don’t want to read anymore, just to get other ones.


Whaaat, you think so? Don’t you live in a very populated place though? Holy moly, good point. I just feel like there’s this weird void in me that only closes when I’m, like, at the beach, or drunk, or cuddled in someone’s arm. But lately I’ve been finding reaaaally nice comfort in doing things alone. I take myself to museums and art galleries a lot.. So I guess I will just avoid the idea that I want to be in love with anyone but myself. 


Are you still seeing that guy?

Millenia on
Re: 11/365

I’ve been cautious with relationships since I’ve been abused in the past, so there’s always the few exceptions. It’s just something of an observation that I’ve made from others. I went to school to in a pretty small area and most people from there end up marrying and having kids with the person that they pretty much grew up with. While living in Harrisburg, I notice most relationships people are looking for are very short term. I notice college areas are a lot like that too. I know friends in places like DC and LA that can only get one night stands when they’re really looking for a relationship. A pretty good way to think of it for me is how it was back in the old days, when there are nothing but farms and your closest neighbour is like 30 minutes away, you probably just ended up making 10 babies with them because no one else was around.

Nothing beats sharing close moments and being able to confide in one person but being able to just enjoy time with yourself is very good! When I was single for all those years, it really made me think what makes a healthy relationship and being able to rely and feel comfort in being by yourself once in a while is one of them. You’ll find someone that loves that about you!


I’m still with Josh, it’s been a year and a half now!

freakofnature on
Re: 11/365

Mm that’s understandable. It’s like a process, yes?  OKAY BUT LOOOL that’s exactly how my hometown is! I probably would be married now if I didn’t move away in high school. 

I think it’s easy to find love in friends, too, ya know? I’ve made really good bonds with people this last year and I’m so thankful! So I don’t know why I would want to find more in someone else. 


YAY! I am glad hehe

schencka on
Re: 11/365

I love falling for a good book!

freakofnature on
Re: 11/365

Meeee too Best feeling during, not so good after. 

schencka on
Re: 11/365

The hangover, right?


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