There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


No reason to get excited...
It has been years...

And I mean that quite literally. As in I mean no exaggeration. Seems to be an epidemic of literalities figuratively overflowing the dam these days, but I've gotten over it. People like their every-day exaggerations.

Anyway, I am reluctant to read my old writings on this blog. I am quite a different human being nos. As far as perspectives and how life changes everyone. Yet I'm the same tall, gnarly prick who loves Led Zeppelin, misses LOST, and eats too much.

It seems as though a few, a dozen or so, people still blog here, which is interesting. This thing still has an "AIM" feature. I dare not even spell out that archaic acronym.

I think I may continue to blog about random stuff. I'm reading A Game of Thrones. I'm halfway through the first book. I'm surprising myself as I tend to not have any time to read out of enjoyment. Prior, I had just finished The Tipping Point for work. It had its strengths, but there were times it was a complete and utter drudgery. Like the Vale chapter of GoT. Good lord, I wanted to go Oedipus and broach my eyes out. Otherwise, it's been entertained.

In other news, the Panthers are in the Super Bowl, and I am FREAKING OUT! I cannot wait for it. We've been making beer cheese and buying pretzel bread from Harris Teeter. However, they were sold out today, which makes me nervous. Every single gave (except one) we have had this food. And every single game they have won. Except the one we did not have beer cheese and pretzel bread. So, I am rather nervous.

I have no idea how the hell to summarize three years of my life here. So here it goes:




jakerad on
Re: No reason to get excited...
Oh, hi there.
eddiec on
Re: No reason to get excited...:



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